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  1. Looking for the Best GPU for 4K Gaming in FPS Games

    That RX 7900 XT Ultra for 699 is in the same performance ballpark as the 4070 TI give or take 10%. I don't think either is going to break 60fps @ 4k for the likes of Cyberpunk but 1440 should be a winner. These reviews are not the exact same cards but should give you a general idea...
  2. Looking for the Best GPU for 4K Gaming in FPS Games

    Yep 4070 TI or 4080 4070 TI $799 @ newegg Newegg also has several 4080 Super's around $1k. I personally like Gigabyte, Asus, or MSI but many to pick from
  3. ASUS Announces NUC 14 Pro+ with Up to Intel Core Ultra 9 Processor and Thunderbolt 4 with DisplayPort 1.4 and USB4

    I thought NUC was dead? Or did Asus pry the corpse away from Intel?
  4. BioShock Developer Is “Recruiting Like Mad” for Next Game

    Anyone else tired of Bioshock yet? I mean the first one was different and cool but the rest just haven't gripped me.
  5. Ghost of Tsushima Jumps 70 Spots to Become Best-Selling Game in May 2024 (U.S.)

    Awesome game. I played it on a base PS4 and it was still a phenomenal thing to behold. On a high end PC with the settings cranked up I'm sure it will melt eyeballs.
  6. Looking for the Best GPU for 4K Gaming in FPS Games

    I mean, budget is the big question here. Also power supply concerns if you're talking about the high end stuff. Personally I like to aim for middle, I refuse to spend more than $500 for a GPU. That used to be able to get you top end stuff like 1080 TI's back in the day, but not any more. I...
  7. GIGABYTE B650E AORUS ELITE X AX ICE Motherboard Review

    Nice looking but $230 is about a hundy more than I have spent on any of my last 3 or 4 mobos. $150 is my top end.
  8. Dakar Desert Rally.... a poor man's Dirt (2.5/5)

    kid = "Mom, Can we buy Dirt 5 or Dirt Rally?" mom = "We have Dirt at home" the Dirt at home = Dakar Desert Rally Got this for free on Epic games giveaway. I like rally games and I really like the Dirt series, played them all. This is like someone watched a youtube video of a Dirt game, and...
  9. SpaceX Awarded the Contract to Help Crash the International Space Station into the Sea

    If they can launch something to assist bringing it down... how about, oh I dunno, launching something to raise it's orbit back up? Why destroy the ISS, it's not like it's milk or eggs that goes bad? I understand maintenance is a thing. But if we destroy it, we have nothing to replace it with...
  10. Forza Horizon 4 Will Be Delisted from Steam, Xbox Game Pass, and Other Digital Platforms in December

    ...and it's currently on sale on Steam for like $11
  11. Western Digital Launches WD Blue SN5000 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSDs with up to 4 TB Capacity for Budget Users

    We'll see what pricing looks like but I am for affordable, name brand SSDs! I think I dropped over $300 on the 4tb black I put in the PS5. If I could see a 4tb blue for $200 or less, I would retire my ancient 5tb spinner/game drive
  12. Logitech Unveils Its Most Portable Keyboard Ever

    IR yep. I think I still have an IRman in my closet junk box I used for remote control. I mostly used Windows Media Center for playback stuff, but Winamp was always available for quick and dirty music playback. I was really looking into the cablecard or HD homerun options but they were pricey...
  13. Logitech Unveils Its Most Portable Keyboard Ever

    I did something like this too in the early HTPC days, around 2k, except I used a super long ps/2 extension under the couch, around the walls under the carpet. I had tried some inexpensive wireless setups but most of them were still IR back then and they kinda sucked. My first wireless...
  14. Logitech Unveils Its Most Portable Keyboard Ever

    ok sure.... but... cord stretched across living room to HTPC would lead to more random wine accidents
  15. Logitech Unveils Its Most Portable Keyboard Ever

    wow. mine sure wasn't I am in agreement the trackpad on the k400 is lousy. It is also not wine proof :)
  16. PlayStation Portal Gains Several New User Enhancements with Latest Software Update, Rolling Out Now

    Me too. Sony will probably forget about it soon too. I just read today that Sony is abandoning PSVR2, thing hasn't been out that long. That doesn't affect me, I am not the VR target audience (BARFS). Nor am I really in need of a playstation tablet.... I guess if you have multiple people in...
  17. Logitech Unveils Its Most Portable Keyboard Ever

    I had one of those back when I had a HTPC. Big fan of the trackball, the keyboard not so much and it desperately needed backlighting since I was always using it in the dark. It just up and died on me one day, and then learned they didn't sell them anymore. Just went with a Logitech K400 which...
  18. Star Wars: The Acolyte Premieres on Disney+ with a 94% Tomatometer Score

    Yep that one is the GOAT. I also liked Jedi Academy but that was probably more for the lan party lightsaber battles than the actual campaign story. Also relevant, but will it ever get completed? Outcast remake
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