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  1. Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 Announced for 4K Blu-ray as Kevin Costner’s Western Flops at Theaters, Sequel Pulled from Release

    I saw the film in theaters last week and I enjoyed it. Though, there is a lot of sub stories happening and none of them really has any type of conclusion, I was intrigued enough to want to see the second chapter.
  2. PlayStation’s Lead Designer Is “Very Surprised” by the Popularity of Ray Tracing and How Gamers Prefer Higher Frame Rates

    I think this used to be relatively true when everyone was on an LCD that tapped out at 60hz. Now, if you're on a 144hz monitor, there is absolutely a difference in smoothness between 60fps and 140fps.
  3. Next DOOM Game May Be Announced at Xbox Games Showcase, ZeniMax Filing Suggests

    I played both games but have never really understood comments like these about Doom Eternal. It seemed to me that Doom Eternal simply expanded on everything that Doom 2016 was about. It was meant to be played even faster with more enemies than 2016 had... and while there were some platforming...
  4. What's the best way to use Windows only for gaming?

    I've been using Linux (POP_OS) for about the last ~6 months or so to do mostly development work and browse the web. I really like the UI and the user experience thus far has been really nice. Currently I have dual boot and go into Windows currently right now if I want to game or if there's...
  5. Microsoft Launches Vapor Xbox Wireless Controller Collection with Six Dynamic Patterns

    From the thumbnail I thought they were the translucent controllers of yesteryear.
  6. Internet Plans Lower than 1 Gbps Are Obsolete, Says Florida-Based Fiber Provider

    With so much bandwidth, why can't we get a higher bit-rate for our streaming services? Seems to be a total waste..
  7. Ducky Unveils Origin Series Full-Sized Keyboards That Blend Classic and Modern Design for the Most Authentic Typing Experience

    Not Ducky, but I have a very similar one from Leopold (via and I love it!
  8. Need help for a small PC build

    Hi My wife and I were talking about Hogwarts Legacy last night when she said (to my astonishment), "maybe you should build me a gaming computer". Wow. Okay. Absolutely! She likes the idea of having the computer in our living room, tucked away in our entertainment console. This necessitates the...
  9. John Carmack Resigns from Meta and Cites Lack of Efficiency within the Company as the Main Reason for Departure

    John Carmack, very smart guy. But like most engineers, it wouldn't surprise me if he was exceptionally bad at playing office politics. It's not necessarily that he couldn't move faster at a place like Meta, it's likely that he just didn't know how to change his operating behavior, and sell-in to...
  10. FSP Supplementary Power Supply Unit

    Does this have any use to anyone? I believe I won it at Quakecon 2006, but never took it out of the box.
  11. The World’s First Flying Bike Makes Its Debut at the North American International Auto Show

    It's cool, but I don't see many practical benefits of it over a normal road vehicle. Just an annoying sound.
  12. Non-Big 3 Cell Carrier

    Update: Still with Visible. Still loving the $25/month. No complaints whatsoever.
  13. Prodeus

    It's certainly not going to blow you away with its story (not sure it has one?), but game play is solid, guns are solid, music is top notch, and there's enough enemy and level variety to keep it interesting. A couple hours more in and still enjoying it.
  14. New Aliens Action-Horror Game Announced by Survios and 20th Century Games, Created on Unreal Engine 5

    I loved Alien: Isolation... I've heard Alien: Fireteam Elite is decent... But other than that, I haven't been super impressed with the games from the Alien franchise.. Hopefully this one will prove me wrong.
  15. Prodeus

    I had Prodeus ( on my Steam wish list for quite some time and finally decided to take the plunge and buy it last weekend. I'm about 3 hours in and really am enjoying it. If you enjoyed DOOM 2016, you would likely also really enjoy this game...
  16. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Logo Revealed by Infinity Ward

    Am I living in an alternate time line? I could have sworn there already has been a "Modern Warfare 2" game
  17. Microsoft Building Program That Lets Brands Place Ads into Xbox Games

    Yeah, I remember when Enemy Territory: Quake Wars tried this (as well as Quake Live when it was browser-based). I saw a couple of live ads, but in general I think it flopped pretty hard. Now, ad tech has come a long way, and Microsoft has a huge portfolio of studies and games now, so I could see...
  18. Sold a Vega 56 on eBay and the buyer wants to return -- what should I ask for?

    To wrap this up -- Yesterday I sent a lengthy message to the buyer with specific instructions on how to test the card for failure. Got a response today that the buyer purchased 2 cards and accidentally opened a return on the wrong one. Perhaps it was an honest mistake :) Still never selling...
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