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  1. Possibly upgrading to Ryzen 7 platform - help wanted

    Hello everyone, After a weekend staycation and some gaming, I've really started noticing my computer's age. Looking to possibly upgrade, although I may just put it off until the next-gen GPUs and AMD CPUs emerge, probably in about another year from now. CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X MoBo: Asus X570 TUF...
  2. Newegg - storage specials ends 5/14 before 5/15 changeover (PST)

    Crucial BX500 2.5" 240GB SATA3 - $24.50 shipped (excl tax) Code: EMCTAUW22 3 year warranty (limit 2) Toshiba N300 3.5" 4TB SATA3 - $98 shipped (excl tax) Code: EMCTAUW28 3 year warranty (limit 5)
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