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  1. Renoirs are starting to pop up Hehe, gonna wait a week for the prices to settle a bit and bite the bullet. :---DDD
  2. Your WILD Hardware Adventures

    Hi, I'm Bloax You may know me from such tales as Are Fat BIOSes a Threat To My Memory Overclocking? And of course; the recent blockbuster, How To Identify Wooden Integrated Memory Controllers: WTF, my CPU only does single-channel??? I am here to once more share some wild and wacky hardware...
  3. Faulty Zen 2 IMCs, and possibly, how to spot if you have one

    So here's a fun story for you: Back in the start of December, I moved someplace, then I moved back. Seeing that Noctua heatsinks have a nightmarish mounting mechanism, I didn't undo my heatsink - and my 3600 CPU got wrecked the second time. wHoopS So, I replace my 3600 with a 3700x - after a...
  4. Zen 2 Quest (3733 CL14-15-15-28 @ 1.47v Get)

    Feb 2020 Edit: Despite wild hardware adventures and a board swap for the better, pretty much every drop has been squished by now Furthermore, I'd like to remind people to test your **** ****; 3733 had a performance regression on the b450 Tomahawk compared to 3666, so the premise of this thread...
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