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  1. Warm??: Intel i7 10700K + ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-F GAMING = $500 Looks to be a decent deal on an Intel competitor to the 3700X.
  2. 3070 Delayed?!?! The reason nVidia is using, is to make sure that there is enough supply for the release. Great. So now all the bot purchasers are guaranteed to buy out MORE stock!
  3. ProxMox - Anyone have experience with this Hypervisor?

    I just setup a Proxmox node in my lab, and I'm impressed with it so far. I've gotten both Linux VM's and Windows VM's installed, but I haven't successfully migrated an existing ESXi guest over to ProxMox yet without some troubling performance issues. Anyone have much experience with the...
  4. AMD Changes their mind! 400 Series Motherboards will support Zen3!

    Just got done watching the following video from Hardware Unboxed: I will get one more generation of usage out of my X470 motherboards.. I'm happy about this, and I feel that my $250 purchase of the ASUS Crosshair VII will be worth it afterall!
  5. Epic Store: GTA5 Premium Free!!

    Epic Store currently has Grand Theft Auto V : Premium listed for free right now through their Epic Store. Grab it while it's still free!
  6. Contemplating making a Linux Install for my main Desktop

    Hi everyone, I'm entertaining the thought of migrating from Windows 10 to Linux for my home Desktop PC. Which distro do you think is the best right now for Gaming in Linux? I know I can get OBS Studio for Linux, so I'm not overly worried about handling the "streaming" side of my...
  7. 3950X and TRX40/ThreadRipper 3 coming Nov. 25th!

    According to Anandtech: The short version of today’s announcement revolves around several parts, in completely different markets. The Ryzen 9 3950X 16-core CPU for desktops Ryzen Threadripper 3rd Gen Family: Starting with the...
  8. NordVPN - Hacked!! NordVPN, a virtual private network provider that promises to “protect your privacy online,” has confirmed it was hacked. The admission comes following rumors that the company had been breached. It first emerged that NordVPN had...
  9. Amazon isn't selling the 3000 Series CPUs yet?

    I've seen that NewEgg is selling bundles of the X570 and CPU's, and individual CPUs (Most of which are sold out already). Anyone notice that Amazon doesn't have anything 3000 related up for sale yet, or even pre-sale items up for sale... Hmmmm...
  10. UniFi Mesh AC units

    Hello folks, I'm currently using UniFi Outdoor AP's for our Public WiFi solution at work (Approx 100+ acres of land to be covered). Has anyone had much luck with UniFi's Mesh units, and how well does their Mesh solution work? Currently all our AP's are hard-wired to the public network...
  11. ESXi 6.7U2 - Experieces so far?

    I've got a couple of ESXi 6.0 boxes that I have been very hesitant on upgrading to 6.5/6.7. After hearing they droped the vmklinux driver stack, I'm wondering if I should just leave things be, and worry about 6.7+ when we get new Hardware. My Hosts are Dell r720's and they are beginning to...
  12. New Forums suggestions

    Hello folks, I was wondering if we could add a Networking and Virtualization sub-forum under the Tech Stuff group. Thanks, - Space
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