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  1. XFX Radeon RX 5500 XT THICC II Pro 4GB Review

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  2. Torchlight II - Free on Epic Games Store

    Get it while you can, free until the 23rd of this month. I have heard some great things so I made sure to get my free copy. Torch Light II @ Epic Games Store
  3. Windows Update 2004 Showing Ryzen 3000 Improvements

    So recently Microsoft published an update for Windows 10 to version 2004. This update has boosted my Ryzen CPU scores by a tad bit roughly 2%-3%, nothing major but for a free software update its very welcome. I am wondering if anyone has given this a shot and tried perhaps with older 2x00 and...
  4. Post Your Gaming/Workstation Setup

    Figured we should have one of these more generic threads around just so people can show off their hard work and effort. Seeing as I am getting the ball rolling I will begin with mine. Working on getting all three monitors changed out eventually as well as my aging HEDT CPU. Beyond that I am very...
  5. Corsair SFX 750 Platinum

    Does anyone know why this PSU is just out of stock almost everywhere? Was it a limited run? Is it corona virus? I was hoping to upgrade my PSU but now I cant find it without price gouging.
  6. Fidels For Sale Thread

    I am open to trades and offers just shoot me a PM and we can discuss. My heatware profile : Fidel Heat Profile Nothing at the moment.
  7. Off topic or IRL forum section

    Wondering why we dont have an off topic section of the forum. You know to discuss the usual forum topics like Cars, Cooking, GFs/BFs. Home Ownership, Gun ownership, etc. A section like that would be helpful.
  8. Real gameplay reviews

    Forgive me if that's what you're doing I just couldn't find it mentioned on the newest gpu review. Basically the way Kyle and Brent originally did. If I'm wrong I'm sorry
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