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  1. AMD Endorsing DDR4-4000 Memory for Ryzen 5000 Series Processors

    Eh? I haven't had any problems. Maybe it's just my 3200 CL14 Sammy B addiction. It says "Good Luck!" in regards to hitting 3800 (1900 FCLK), which on the new platform is supposedly 4000 (2000 FCLK). I can run 1900 FCLK on my board/cpu, but because my power delivery situation is poo - someone...
  2. Renoirs are starting to pop up

    I am quite sure the PRO CPUs just have extra features, not trading one set of features for another.
  3. ASRock X570 Creator Motherboard Review

    My x570 Phantom ITX has been serving me just fine, and I'll find out what sort of magic it can do with memory once I grab a 4750G sometime in the coming couple of weeks.
  4. Renoirs are starting to pop up Hehe, gonna wait a week for the prices to settle a bit and bite the bullet. :---DDD
  5. Death Stranding Averages 50 FPS in 8K with DLSS 2.0 Using a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

    Eh? There's so much spatio-temporal info in a moving 3840x2160 image that I'm not exactly shocked that through fancy image-scaling tech, you can achieve good picture quality LuDiCRouS ReSoLUtION at a reasonable computation price. The same goes for temporal resolution; there's so much temporal...
  6. What is life like with an Ryzen CPU?

    I spy some 2080 Ti's in the chat ; )
  7. AMD Ryzen 6000 “Rembrandt” APUs to Feature RDNA 2-Based Graphics

    Thus far, the speculations go that these APUs - Ryzen 5000 APUs should already be Zen3, and these 6000's would still come prior to Zen4 - will likely be the first entry in a new DDR5 socket. But those are guesses, so we shall see. What is unfortunate is that they seem to want to squish in...
  8. [PR] Secretlab Launches Cyberpunk 2077 Gaming Chair

    Handbags, get your Cyberpunk 2077 Real Canvas handbags here!
  9. Cyberpunk 2077 Anime Announced for Netflix

    ay 'tone let's pump this balloon while the goin's good
  10. RAIJINTEK Unveils the MORPHEUS 8057, a Massive Heatsink for Modern GPUs

    The reason I say it like that, is because you'll find plenty of blabbering on these heatsinks - but barely anyone will mention the fact that it will cOnSoooooooooooooooooooooOOM all your PCIE slots unless you're rocking a board that doesn't have any spare ones, or a very large board.
  11. RAIJINTEK Unveils the MORPHEUS 8057, a Massive Heatsink for Modern GPUs

    One thing nobody mentions about these (air heatsinks) that I believe is very worth knowing - these things are ****ing colossal! They schwomp up 4 PCIE slots if you include fan clearance, so don't even think about them if you need those slots! Otherwise, yes - the performance on nvidia/vega GPUs...
  12. RAIJINTEK Unveils the MORPHEUS 8057, a Massive Heatsink for Modern GPUs

    Well I can certainly tell you that the Morpheus II doesn't work very well on the 5700 XT, though that might change if you flatten both the GPU and the coldplate. now of course that'd be fine and dandy if I could get it off again :' )
  13. [PR] BIOSTAR Readies Its AMD Motherboards for Ryzen 3000XT Processors

    Possibly, as the entirety of the Ryzen 3 line (that's what they call their brand of i3, i5, i7 product split, for clarity) wasn't present until those two processors were launched.
  14. [PR] BIOSTAR Readies Its AMD Motherboards for Ryzen 3000XT Processors

    I'd like to point out the curio that the 3300x and 3100 apparently did not require an AGESA update - despite the fact that they were rocking non-standard setups (most notably the 4+0 ccx core config) with clockspeeds that didn't exist on any of the other processors. Yet this 'clockspeed...
  15. Zen 2 Quest (3733 CL14-15-15-28 @ 1.47v Get)

    BCLK overclocking without your m.2's crapping out? Going quite well I see.
  16. Intel’s 10th Gen Processors Appear to Be Selling Poorly, Based on Mindfactory Sales Data

    Their 14nm production shortage hasn't exactly gone away, even if it's been a few years now. Desktop is not a very important market - hell, you don't even get Tiger Lake on desktop - thus the low quantity of CPUs.
  17. Found the Hyper 212 EVO's Limit

    Heat pipes function through having a tiny bit of water inside of them - it's essentially a miniature, Extremely Closed waterloop. The pipe heats up, the water soaks up the heat, vapourizes - then condenses thanks to being cooled down by the finstack Not-Radiator. If a heat pipe is oversaturated...
  18. [PR] Thermaltake Launches Floe RC360/RC240, the World’s First CPU and Memory AIO Liquid Coolers

    Liquid-cooling RAM would be relevant in the off case you decide to set up a (tiny) temperature-controlled loop, so as to keep Samsung B chips at a steady 25 C +/- a couple of degrees under operation. The only time you'd realistically do that is if you want to do re-overclocking sessions as you...
  19. AMD’s New Ryzen Matisse Refresh Processors Listed at French Retailer

    I may have a potential (ivy bridge) buyer for my 3600 + (spare) b450 Tommy + 2x8 Sammy B, so if they're worth a **** I'd like to bite with a good discount :-)
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