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  1. NVIDIA Could Be Planning a GeForce RTX 3050

    Wonder if this model will have more than a paper launch?
  2. ASUS Previews ROG Strix and TUF Gaming Radeon RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards

    Maybe it’s due to supply issues? Gotta agree with you on the ASUS cards looking excellent though. I wonder if they will do a card with a 120mm radiator AIO solution.
  3. Sony Continues to Expand Its Strategy with Console Exclusives

    Really wanted to buy a PS5 after how much I enjoyed the ps4... but game pass is a ridiculous value.
  4. Oscar Isaac In Negotiations to Play Moon Knight, Marvel’s Version of Batman

    I have enjoyed quite a few Oscar Isaac performances. It’s a shame he got roped into the new Star Wars trilogy abomination. Let’s hope the writing in this series lets him stretch those acting chops.
  5. Chinese Retailer Reportedly Faking Sales Numbers to Hide GeForce RTX 3080 Supply Issues

    The rumors of NV going to TSMC must be true. All of this points to Samsung’s 8nm process being totally fubar with respect to 3 series yields.
  6. NVIDIA May Be Releasing a GeForce RTX 3070 Ti After All

    If AMD's new GPU parts can perform at parity in most situations vs NV's lineup, then all the rumored refreshes from NV will come to pass. Samsung's yields must be terrible.
  7. Oppo Launching S1 and R1 4K Television Lines

    If you are going budget on the sound bar I snagged a Vizio 5.1 from Costco for $200 bucks and have been very pleased.
  8. Sony Confirms That PS5 Voice Chats Might Be Recorded and Submitted by Others for Review

    The worst part is I really didn’t want to give M$ my money, but after this I think the old adage of warhammer 40k is correct: “there are no good guys”
  9. Razer Partners with ASRock for New Branded Motherboards

    I wonder if Razer will make you log in with personally identifiable information to get your BIOS updates. 😂 I’ve had no problem with the AsRock boards I’ve owned (which, to be fair was only one), but Razer leaking peoples personal data in a hack and constantly trying to get me to register...
  10. No Game Pass for PlayStation 5: Sony Calls Microsoft’s Subscription Service “Unsustainable”

    This is accurate. However, M$ isn’t always right. Look at HD-DVD vs BluRay. Sony got that one right. I can only hope that both methods of monetization yield interesting, high quality solo play experiences. Ghosts of Tsushima has been worth the 60$ and I have enjoyed Sony’s other games like...
  11. Western Digital’s “5400 RPM” Hard Drives May Actually Be 7200 RPM

    This is pretty slimy. WD has developed a reputation of not delivering the product it advertises. I would not be purchasing WD products if I was a commercial buyer.
  12. PS4 Exclusive Ghost of Tsushima Sells 2.4M Copies in Just Three Days

    The game is great. Think Far Cry meets God of War meets Bushido Blade with absolutely gorgeous visuals. Many times I was surprised a PS4 game could look this good. I don’t regret paying full price at all.
  13. Othercide, a Tactical RPG Horror Game, Nears July 28th Release

    As an XCOM lover, this looks like a day one buy for me.
  14. Crysis Remastered Delayed Following Underwhelming Leak

    I would like a solid FPS on the switch. Many kids own one but a lot of the people I know are much older.
  15. [PR] Samsung Launches Odyssey G7, the World’s First Gaming Monitor with 1000R Curvature

    I like it but I really must have HDMI 2.1 before I drop 1500 bucks on a new monitor
  16. Samsung Releases the Odyssey G9, a Crazy-Wide 49″ VA Panel with 5120 x 1440 Resolution and 240 Hz Refresh Rate

    I think this will be a big hit for flight sim and racing guys. It has my attention for sure.
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