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  1. FSP CMT520 Plus Case Review

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  2. Moo! Wrapper end of the year race

    I know many of you are probably from [H]ard|OCP. Right now they're battling a team called The Scottish Boinc Team (TSBT) for 5th place overall finish in formula boinc marathon. They might have enough juice, if we can get more participants, to finish 4th overall on the race...
  3. Fractal Design Focus G White Case Review

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  4. CORSAIR 4000D Tempered Glass Case Review

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  5. RAID Controller help w/ Debian.

    So I picked up a cheap, used HPE DL160 G6 2U rackmount server w/ dual Xeons, 32GB RAM and 4x 1TB hard drives connected to a B110i RAID Controller card built into the mainboard. I've tried installing Debian 10 on the server, but it fails. Basically, when I go to select a disk drive for...
  6. Does anyone here have a 3D Printer?

    Got a possible project that a 3D printer would work excellent for. Basically, taking 1, 2 or 3 S9300 X2 (and S9150) GPUs (server GPUs) where they are passively cooled by the screamer fans in servers. Building a fan shroud for the front of them to attach a 120MM fan (or 2) and directing the air...
  7. BF2

    Anyone notice the resurrection of BF2 using the BF2 hub? Thinking about searching for my copy and playing some. decent sized user base
  8. Drop down menu on main not working mobile

    The drop down menu on the home page doesn't work anymore. When I click it, the menu doesn't expand. Pixel 3XL
  9. 1050W Seasonic X-Series PSU

    Got a Seasonic X-Series PSU for sale. $150, shipped to any of the lower 48 states. Accept paypal.
  10. Case buying decisions

    Just trying to gather some information here and curious to know what other people look for when reading case reviews. What kind of information is important to you when buying a case? As in, if you search for reviews on cases, what are you looking for most?
  11. Steam: Serious Sam 3 w/ DLC + The Darkness 2

    Serious Sam 3 w/ Jewel of the Nile DLC for $20 The Darkness II for $20 Skyrim for $10 Buy all three + DLC for $30 Must have a Steam account. Must be willing to give me your steam name so I can add you to my Friends List or an email address to send the games to you. Heatware...
  12. ARK: Survival Evolved Free on Epic Games Store

    Just grabbed a copy of it myself.
  13. A few gaming servers I host

    Killing Floor Servers:
  14. App for Windows PC sucks

    Does anyone else use Blizzard's App for a Windows PC? I've been using it for a while now, with Star Craft and Star Craft 2, but after not playing either of those games for a long, long while (probably 7 years now) I downloaded the App again to buy and download the new...
  15. Water cooling gear

    Where do you guys buy your water cooling setups? I've been considering going water, but trying to find what I need has me shopping at multiple different places. I'd prefer a one stop shop that has all I need.
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