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  1. Sucker Punch Working on Ghost of Tsushima Sequel for PS5?

    Loving this game and a sequel at some point sounds good.
  2. Samsung Is Thinking about Building a $10 Billion Chipmaking Plant in Texas

    Becoming? LOL. Austin has been stupidly expensive for as long as I can remember. Basically my same house in Plano would cost at least double anywhere near Austin proper. That's why the 'burbs are so popular down there now... Round Rock etc. I'm a little shocked Samsung isn't looking at...
  3. Microsoft Cancels Price Changes to Xbox Live Gold

    Clark's boss from Christmas Vacation came to mind when I read this :)
  4. Christopher Nolan Reportedly Cutting Ties with Warner Bros. over HBO Max Drama

    Dark knight was the 2nd one. The first 2 were decent, Dark Knight Rises (3rd) was bad. "Hey I know, let's put a mask on our main villian, so no one can understand WTF he is saying through the whole movie!" OTOH maybe he was just ahead of the times (covid).
  5. PC Gaming Chair Recommendations

    Standing desk? :) My 3-4 year old Serta chair ($150 from Staples I think) is finally losing the butt padding. My massive 150lbs girth just destroys padding for some reason. I don't love LOVE the chair, but it was best I could find under $200. I am all about butt comfort, less so ergonomics...
  6. Microsoft Raises Pricing of Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions

    MS already flip flopped on it. Undo! Undo!
  7. Christopher Nolan Reportedly Cutting Ties with Warner Bros. over HBO Max Drama

    This guy..... "oh my movies are art and should only be viewed on 60 foot movie theater screens".... whatever.
  8. SilverStone IceGem 280 AIO Cooler Review

    Diamond in the rough, eh? Or "ice" in the "gem"? Eh.... I'll see myself out.
  9. NVIDIA Reportedly Reviving GeForce RTX 2060 and GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER Graphics Cards

    Whoopsie! Someone ran out of product to sell but found a dumpster storage container full of last gen chips to sell instead! You beat me to it. They have done so many rebrands of old tech into current lineups... I'm a little shocked that isn't happening here.
  10. Newegg Introducing Lottery System for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs, AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPUs, and Other In-Demand Products

    Interesting in theory, but the bundle BS needs to end quickly (and the article does reflect that). Also... 2 hour window to buy your item after you are notified? How about 24 hours? But hey it's a step in the right direction I guess.
  11. Samsung Announces 14-Inch 90 Hz OLED Displays for Laptops

    Who is doing competitive gaming on a 14" laptop screen to need 90hz (says it's identical to 120hz lcd)? Also... at what cost?
  12. Samsung Announces 870 EVO SATA SSD Series

    Agreed. I think my first one was a Corsair 180gb and it was like $300. I still have it around here in a test system I think. Now they just need to get the pricing down on the multi TB ones.
  13. NVIDIA Introduces GeForce GT 1010 Graphics Card

    Coming soon to an old Dell near you.
  14. Arctic Releasing First New Thermal Compound Since 2010

    Let's hope they come out with a new flavor. MX-4 tasted nasty. :sick:
  15. Paramount+ Streaming Service Launching March 4

    Everyone wants to be their own Netflix....
  16. Report: Cyberpunk 2077’s Development Didn’t Fully Begin until 2016, E3 2018 Demo Was “Almost Entirely Fake”

    Yeah but really... what trade show demos aren't fake? I think they all are.
  17. Ace Combat 7 Sells Over 2.5 Million Copies Worldwide

    Don't think I have tried 7 yet. I think... 5 might have been the last one for me. Was on 360, can't remember
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