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  1. Are Class Wars in Fallout 76 Happening?

    FO76- Second Life 2.0?
  2. Blizzard Facing Boycott Campaign After Banning Player Who Voiced Support for HK Protests

    Blizzard had a better way to do this, but I have a feeling someone gate really scared of the Chinese government. They could have awarded his monies, and then suspended him, or simply made a very clear PR statement about it for future people. Instead, they kneejerked and used a clause in the...
  3. The Epic Games Store Is Giving Away Six Free Batman Games

    Thanks! Grabbed both packs
  4. Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets a Stunning New Trailer

    My favorite game of all time. I play through it every few years. I still haven't put the time in to get that damned KOTR summon. One of these days, I'll take a week off work and breed/race the chocobos
  5. Borderlands 3 Suffers from a Long List of Embarrassing Technical Issues

    I can half-way understand teething on PC, but not on console. You don't have to deal with an infinite number of hardware/software combos
  6. MoviePass Halting Service on September 14 After Failing to Secure Financing

    Lol. The only surprising part of this whole thing is that it lasted as long as it did
  7. Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets Turn-Based “Classic Mode”

    So they went ahead and ditched the bullet time thing, huh? I am extremely happy for this. It's the biggest reason I don't play many modern RPG's. I can't relax with the live action battles. If I wanna be elbows to knees, I would play something else. I'm starting to get pumped. I really don't...
  8. The Steam Library Is Getting a Visual Overhaul

    I'm a big fan of the Battle.Net program. Then again, it was perhaps the very first one I ever used
  9. Super NES Games Are Coming to Nintendo Switch Online Tomorrow

    Perfect for that new Switch coming out later this year
  10. Cortana High CPU Ussage

    Pretty much this
  11. CD Projekt Red Releases 14 Minutes of New Cyberpunk 2077 Footage

    That was awesome!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!
  12. UHD TVs Are Getting a “Filmmaker Mode” to Preserve Creative Intent

    I agree with this completely! This will lead to properly calibrated panels straight from the factory, and likely will reduce the amount of junk panels that always seem to find their way into the more premium product stream
  13. Multiple Thermal Paste Comparisons and Review

    Gallium doesn't react with nickel. The only thing you need to worry about it reacting with is aluminum. It is very very very bad and results in destruction within just a couple of hours. I've been using liquid metal for years and years with no issues.
  14. Multiple Thermal Paste Comparisons and Review

    I remember back in the day THG using mayo. It performed very well, until it didn't. Lol Pretty good round-up. Never heard of capacitive TIM's before
  15. Destiny 2’s Install Size Grows to 165 GB with Shadowkeep Expansion

    Lol wow. Guess I need to go ahead and buy a 1TB 970 for my Blade 15 Advanced. 250GB was always plenty for my game selection/rotation but this changes that.
  16. FS: Full PC

    I just don't use it anymore. Everything works great. Not going to ship the massive case. I have all the retail boxes for everything. Prices are shipped. PayPal, Amazon GC, Square, any other useable/interesting giftcard, etc... Heatware 2600X: $110 Asus ROG Strix x470-f: $130 2x8GB kit Corsair...
  17. Microsoft's Twitch Competitor Criticized for Strict Dress Code

    Hate speech isn't real. There is simply free speech and censored speech. I see it this way- let there be 18+ channels. If you wanna pander to children, then you do that. If you want a wider audience, then you flag yourself or that particular stream to be 18+. Account verification required for...
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