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  1. FS: Full PC

    I just don't use it anymore. Everything works great. Not going to ship the massive case. I have all the retail boxes for everything. Prices are shipped. PayPal, Amazon GC, Square, any other useable/interesting giftcard, etc... Heatware 2600X: $110 Asus ROG Strix x470-f: $130 2x8GB kit Corsair...
  2. Why Copy Paste... When You Can Swipe? Cooler Master MasterGel Series TIM

    Yesterday, via Twitter, Cooler Master announced a packaging/delivery update to their existing line of MasterGel of thermal pastes. The paste still comes in a syringe, but product delivery has been improved with a very wide nozzle. The goal for this new nozzle is to make applying TIM an easier...
  3. Nintendo Switch Lite: A More Portable Switch

    There have been rumors and grumblings circulating for quite some time about the possibility of a more portable Switch, as well as a more powerful unit for the TV gamers. We do have some news on the portable front- Nintendo announced the Switch Lite this morning. Featuring a smaller 5.5″ screen...
  4. NASA's JPL Hacked... With Pie

    According to a report recently released by the U.S. Office of the Inspector General, it seems that an unauthorized Raspberry Pi is to blame for a hack at the JPL. Over the past 10 years, JPL has experienced several cybersecurity incidents that have compromised its IT network. For example, in...
  5. ARM Will Soon Have NVIDIA CUDA Acceleration

    NVIDIA announced today that they are licensing the CUDA software stack to ARM Holdings. According to NVIDIA, their goal is to support CUDA on every computing platform, through software. NVIDIA is making available to the Arm®ecosystem its full stack of AI and HPC software — which accelerates...
  6. When your spinning rust is trying to feed NVME...

    It's just an "lol" moment
  7. 5700XT 50th edition

    Specs on this look pretty good! The tech demos looked great. $499 only DTC from AMD seems like a pretty good deal. Can't wait to see some performance numbers.
  8. 3950X!!!!

    Woah! That's a freaking beast 16c, 3.5GHz/4.7GHz boost, 72MB cache, 105w. July 7th street date
  9. News: Sneak Peak at MSI X570 MEG ACE

    Anand has a pretty sweet peek of the new MEG x570 board, dubbed "ACE". Fully loaded with Gen 4.0 PCI-E, active PCH cooling, a sweet-*** color theme of black and gold paying homage to AMD50, and no RGB in sight! Could this be an AM4 successor to the highly acclaimed MEG Creation X399 board?!
  10. General sub?

    Any plans for a general discussion sub, ala GenMay?
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