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  1. Intel’s “Beast Canyon” NUC 11 Extreme Kit with Core i9-11900KB CPU Gets Benchmarked

    Full size video card doesn't really make it a NUC still. More like SFF. Wouldn't there be a gpu bottleneck? Maybe not enough to notice I guess. Seems like a lower end gpu for this processor. Going to be overpriced too. Shame.
  2. NVIDIA and Colorful Launch China’s First GPU History Museum

    Can you get a current gpu in the gift shop? A museum for dead tech? Seems like a marketing idea to me
  3. Volkswagen Could Charge $8.50 an Hour for Autonomous Driving

    Considering the track record for VW, anyone wanna place bets on how long before it's hacked? I hope they thought about securing these buggers better than they have in the past.
  4. Microsoft Ending Support for Windows 10 in 2025

    We will find out June 24th
  5. Microsoft Ending Support for Windows 10 in 2025

    The year of Linux....... Heh
  6. Control Is Free on Epic Games Store until June 17

    I grabbed it yesterday when it dropped. Looked interesting when it came out, but never bothered.
  7. Netflix Releases First Teaser for Masters of the Universe: Revelation

    Depends if Teela is involved, it is pride month....
  8. MSI solves GPU shortage with new releases

    I'd be more interested in a 750 ti, but that's still way backwards.
  9. MSI solves GPU shortage with new releases

    Didn't Nvidia end these drivers? The only time I was a MSI fan, slot A Athlon's were the rage
  10. What about some photography/visual art stuff?

    The No Talking thread at Hocp seems to stay busy. I wouldn't have any issue with a photographer section or threads
  11. El Salvador Becomes First Country to Accept Bitcoin as Legal Tender

    I was referring to Revelations and how most of society interprets them.
  12. El Salvador Becomes First Country to Accept Bitcoin as Legal Tender

    Isn't there biblical issues with a cashless society?
  13. Volkswagen Could Charge $8.50 an Hour for Autonomous Driving

    Let me know when Class C RV's have autonomous driving. That'd be perfect. Go to sleep and wake up in another state. Play video games, watch a movie, make a drink. Or just run down for groceries in style. That, maybe I'd pay 8.50 for.
  14. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Founders Edition Review

    It's faster than what I got.
  15. AMD Quad-Core Ryzen 3 5300G Gets Overclocked to 5.6 GHz

    All these nice APU's and no place to get them. Torn between pulling the trigger on a 4750G or holding out for 5600/5700G, then this MF'r comes along. Probably OEM crap to found on the grey market.
  16. G.SKILL Announces New High-Speed, Low-Latency (CL14) Trident Z Royal Elite DDR4 Memory Kits

    I don't think I have anything that would benefit from either of these. I have tried 3600 in most of my boxes and it was a no go, no matter what I tried. Maybe if I had a 5000 series cpu. Care less about looks these days, how much is it and is it available? That's what I'm looking at
  17. Microcenter deal 6-5-21

    Well, they are indeed cheap. The bass is there but it's light. The highs are a bit muted. Not very crisp. Strong mids. Listening to a movie when your girl is sleeping, works perfect. They are light. Cheap plastic but they aren't uncomfortable to wear. Still have to see what the battery life is...
  18. Noctua’s High-Performance Fanless CPU Cooler Gets Briefly Listed for $100

    How much for the Borg cube with a fan? If it's that decent without one, imagine it with a bit of air on it.....
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