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  1. MSI Relaunches GeForce GT 730 Graphics Card with Kepler Architecture

    Just in time.. now they won't need to shorten their product warranty Nvidia will do it for them!!
  2. Intel Rumored to Have Offered $2 Billion for RISC-V Chipmaker SiFive

    What are they making chips on a 10nm process already and Intel is trying to catch up?
  3. NVIDIA Confirms End of Support for Kepler-Based GeForce GTX and GeForce GT Graphics Cards Later This Year

    Rough time to be forced into an upgrade to stay supported.
  4. Unreal Engine 5 Hands-On: Demo Analysis + Performance Benchmarks

    That was interesting. Skipped through to the video card stuff though.
  5. EA Suffers Data Breach, Source Code for FIFA 21 and Battlefield’s Frostbite Engine Being Advertised for Sale Online

    You know I'd almost suspect ea of intentionally doing this so they can start suing people with similar code in their games or filing suite to.get access to the source code to learn from it.
  6. From Software’s Elden Ring Gets First Gameplay Reveal, Coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Platforms January 2022

    Bandai namco... isn't that the same company that gave us the **** ninja Gaiden port? Hard pass.
  7. Control Is Free on Epic Games Store until June 17

    I think they went for the easy cash grabs. Don't forget it also came with 2xxx series video cards.
  8. Control Is Free on Epic Games Store until June 17

    Ok that one is surprising. Singing up now, I've almost bought that one several times.
  9. Microsoft Is Bringing Xbox to Smart TVs and Building Xbox-Branded Streaming Devices

    Still going for the single device to rule them all I see. Microsoft is still working that vision.
  10. Xbox Head Phil Spencer Accuses Sony of Bringing Games to PC “Late” and Charging Gamers Twice

    The makers of just about EVERY OTHER CONSOLE TITLE FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS needs your attention MORE than Sony there man.
  11. Netflix Releases First Teaser for Masters of the Universe: Revelation

    I need a hero but NOT the Tina Turner version.... it just isn't the same.
  12. Bosch Invests €1 Billion into Dresden Wafer Fab

    Nice I hope they train up locals as well.
  13. Volkswagen Could Charge $8.50 an Hour for Autonomous Driving

    Even at 8.50 an hour its cheaper than getting married.
  14. Valve Will Attend E3 2021, but a SteamPal Announcement Seems Unlikely

    No half life 3 Geriatric edition? I'm not interested.
  15. GPU Market Shipments Reach 119 Million Units in Q1 2021, a Nearly 40 Percent Increase Year-over-Year

    These numbers do nothing to specify Markey segment. How about. Breaking it out by gpu type and generation? Integrated gpus. X percentage. Current generation business gpus x percentage. Last gen and 2x or more generation old new gpus. Then do the same for the consumer market segment...
  16. Razer Unveils AI-Powered Robot for Cleaning Up Ocean Waste

    Makes sense to me. Then after three months tje death adder version can clean that one up.
  17. Apple Announces iCloud+ with New Premium Features

    Not surprised nor upset by this.
  18. AMD Announces Radeon PRO W6000 Series Workstation Graphics with RDNA 2 Architecture and Up to 32 GB of Memory

    A tiny bit late to the game with this one but a lot of people swear by amd productivity cards so we shall see.
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