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  1. AMD Mid-Range Gaming PC Build Guide: Summer 2020

    3950x.. typo.. how do we edit?
  2. AMD Mid-Range Gaming PC Build Guide: Summer 2020

    Nice build for the money and as it has been pointed out the beauty of home building is that you can choose this brand or part over another for 'reasons.' I have run personally a 3900x high end workstation do it all build and a 3600 midrange machine and the 3600 is plenty for most people. I like...
  3. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU Review New BIOS Performance Tested

    Looks like the support page for the Godlike has it listed as beta and Ace is still not showing it. I'll wait for it to go full release and then give it a shot. Thanks for the heads up.(y)
  4. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU Review New BIOS Performance Tested

    Nice Revisit! Answered a lot of questions for me. Great work all. Currently set on my system: I'm on the release bios for the Meg Ace. 3900x stock air cooler. changes by me in bios: manual ram settings (no xmp) -0.05v cpu offset cool and quiet set to enabled c6 enabled fan curves set in bios...
  5. DRAM Prices Rise over 20% Due to Export Feud, Toshiba Plant Blackout

    GAh.! Just when it was getting reasonable to buy ram again. So , time to hoard then?
  6. Editorial: Are Socket AMD BIOS's Too Fat?

    Been back on x79 and waiting for x570 to get sorted a bit more before upgrading (again i sold x470 build) and I really don't mind the text based KB driven bios on my Asus x79 Pro. In fact I find it to be comforting. Like an old Tshirt that is worn in just right.. Maybe I'm getting old. :LOL:
  7. What's your favourite motherboard ever?

    Fav is hard to pick but I also have to go Abit. NF7-S for the nostalgia and that Nforce chipset. First CPU I ever OC'd was on that board and you never forget your first ;). One of the Barton Athlons I believe. I change builds a ton so never keep anything too long to get as attached as I was to...
  8. Dan Dobrowolski Intro and Motherboard Review Format

    Just getting acquainted with the FPS site and Forum all. @Dan_D When can we expect some testing on Ryzen 3k on some b450 boards there Double D?:LOL: Specifically what changes the new bios for x570 boosting shenanigans that have been reported will show vs the b450 and x470 boards. Its expected...
  9. What GPU(s) are you running in your main rig?

    MSI GTX 1660 that I bought for my Son.. He has been 'testing' the Titan xp I bought from Kyle's fire sale and well.. I don't think I'm getting it back! With all due respect do not sell a baked GPU. It will fail again in short order even if it works when you are done baking it. Totally hosing...
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