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  1. Any way to stop windows 10 from installing video card drivers?

    For now I have set a registry setting that may stop driver updates but it may only work in the Pro version. I may try DDU next if the registry thing doesn't work. I had WU on pause since the reinstall yesterday. Back to normal now so I will see what happens. I was also thinking about...
  2. Any way to stop windows 10 from installing video card drivers?

    I have been looking through a lot of pages from searching the web. Nothing really gives me a good answer. Your link for google takes me to places I've been. I have the box checked for "no" in device installation settings. It doesn't appear to stop this. I have seen comments about DDU but some...
  3. Any way to stop windows 10 from installing video card drivers?

    Windows 10 update keeps installing a different driver for my AMD 6800 XT I am running Home version. In doing so it breaks Radeon software. The only fix is a full reinstall but windows just comes back around and installs a different driver. I have device installation settings checked as NO...

    Very nice review. Also I am glad to hear that you will be expanding into peripherals. One thing I would like to see done in mouse reviews is size comparisons via pictures. Helps give people some perspective when looking to buy a new mouse. I hated that part when I was looking for a new...
  5. AMD’s New Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.4.1 Driver Improves Non-Gaming Power Consumption by Up to 72 Percent

    I won't notice as my 6800 xt vram runs at 100% all the time. It has been like this since I got it a couple of months ago. Weird thing is my old 660 ti down clocked the vram properly on the same monitor. Doing nothing but idle it pulls around 22-25 watts.
  6. RX6000 preview

    Ray tracing is a gimmick until a majority of games use RT. Such a useless benchmark when it is barely implemented at this point.
  7. The FPS Reviewcast – Episode 2

    I find the audio is much improved. Good showing for round 2.
  8. Here’s a Big List of AMD Motherboards That Already Support Ryzen 5000 (Zen 3) CPUs, and Their Required BIOSes

    Most of the MSI X570 links are bad and it looks like the MEG X570 Unify points to a forum post.
  9. The FPS Review Unboxes a Few Video Cards

    I like the videos. A supplement and a teaser to the written review. I like the 10 minute videos more then the 15 minute ones. I would keep them on point and not too long. I also am liking the run through videos of how you are testing. It gives a nice visual way for someone to run the same...
  10. DOOM Eternal Video Card Performance Review

    Love the video with a test run. I hope you will continue showing those.
  11. Coming Soon: Front page and forum integration.

    I am kinda liking the news forum change. It is nice to get a snippet of the full story. I usually take the links from the home page to read the news and then pop into the forums after.
  12. AMD Radeon Users Are Losing Patience Over a Driver Bug That Causes Sudden Black Screens

    Over current protection and black screens were a thing on the 9600 gt from about 10-12 years ago. I had one of these and I worked around it by under clocking the gpu and memory to standard levels on my factory overclocked card. I bet this is hardware related.
  13. All articles are 404

    Yeah, its all good now. @David_Schroth fixed it pretty fast. Then I got distracted and forgot to update this thread.
  14. All articles are 404

    All the front page links are showing 404, news and reviews, as well as the links from the forums.
  15. AMD CES 2020 Keynote Recap

    Good read. Really seems like AMD has some great focus going right now. I am looking forward to the mobile stuff. I hated that when I wanted a laptop that I was mostly limited to an Intel cpu.
  16. AMD Intends to Deliver Higher-than-Average IPC Gains with Each New Generation of Zen

    I sure hope Zen 3 comes out of the gate with no issues, like the bios stuff for Zen 2. That caused me to wait and see how things settled and now I am waiting for Zen 3, because it is only a few months away. And I can wait, especially for another 15% performance.
  17. Whats your Antivirus Solution? What do you use?

    I have been using Vipre for years now. I always resub around this time of year when I can get a good deal on black friday, usually 50% off.
  18. Images and links not showing

    Seems to be working correctly now.
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