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  1. Xbox Series X|S Is Microsoft’s Fastest-Selling Xbox Console Generation, According to Phil Spencer

    It's amazing how "fast" you can "sell out" a console when there is only only a few thousand available a week.
  2. Spotify Delays Its Lossless HiFi Audio Tier Indefinitely

    I'm thinking that it has more to do with the cost of deploying something like this right now more than anything. Spotify doesn't really need "Hi-Fi" audio because it has Rogan. Millions of people subscribe to Spotify specifically for Rogan and uses the music service as a byproduct of that so...
  3. Sony Pictures Releases New Trailer for Uncharted Film Starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg

    Fillion is way too old to play Drake now but he would have definitely made a better Sully than Wahlberg. While I don't hate Wahlberg I think he was miss cast for this film. I think Tom will grow into the part well but he doesn't feel quite right yet.
  4. Director Destin Daniel Cretton Returning for Shang-Chi Sequel

    Good news, I really enjoyed Shang-Chi.
  5. EVGA Announces X570 FTW WIFI Motherboard for AMD Ryzen Processors

    Whatever. Doing what every other motherboard manufacturer did 2 years before you isn't anything to brag about... You really want to impress me? Make an X570 bored for Alder Lake!
  6. Halo Infinite Gets a Stunning New Campaign Trailer with Much Improved Visuals

    I wouldn't call it stunning, it still looks extremely dated compared to other titles. I'd say its almost up to Destiny 1 standards overall with slightly better lighting in the outdoor scenes but worse indoor. I still think Halo is the most over rated video game ever.
  7. Dolby Vision Support Arrives on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S Consoles

    Right? I've bought 2 PS5s and 4 3080TIs and I still can't get my hands on a Series X.
  8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Reportedly Launching Next Year, Revolves Around Colombian Drug Cartels

    So let me get this straight... Modern Warfare came out 13 years ago but also 2 years ago which is a new Modern Warfare but there's also a new old Modern Warfare which has a sequel called Modern Warfare 2 which came out 11 years ago but also 2 years ago but won't be out until next year? Which...
  9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Reportedly Launching Next Year, Revolves Around Colombian Drug Cartels

    Didn't Modern Warfare 2 come out like 5 years ago and they released the remake last year?
  10. Fox in “Active Creative Discussions” to Bring Back 24

    Jackie Bauer will just be Kiefer Sutherland in a wig and pant suit.
  11. Fox in “Active Creative Discussions” to Bring Back 24

    Just what we need, a woke "24". I always had a love hate relationship with this show. It was fun but it was so poorly written, especially the character relationships.
  12. Xbox Clarifies That Starfield Isn’t a Timed Exclusive, Won’t Be on PlayStation Consoles

    The game of the year edition will be on the PS5 in a couple years, just not this version.
  13. Valve Teases Probability of 4K Steam Deck, Might Be Possible in a Few Years

    Right? I'd find that far more useful than any version of the Steam Deck.
  14. Valve Teases Probability of 4K Steam Deck, Might Be Possible in a Few Years

    Then make a docking station that will go to 4k. Wasting resources to do 4k on a device with such a small screen and limited power is incredibly stupid. I'd rather have a 1080p@120Hz OLED screen.
  15. Microsoft Announces Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Console and Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

    I'm generally not a fan of themed consoles but I actually really like that one... too bad I think Halo is a crap game. The Elite controller is ugly as hell though.
  16. GIGABYTE Releases Statement on Allegedly Explosive Power Supplies, Will Offer Exchanges

    **** exchanges, they should offer full refunds. I really hope this turns into a class action against Gigabyte and Newegg.
  17. 3dfx Interactive Says It’ll Return This Winter with New Graphics Cards, Will Expand Into Smartphones, Smart TVs, and Other Products

    Obviously the spelling is slightly different but Jansen Products VS president of nVidia Jensen Huang. I'm thinking nVidia may be creating some kind of spinoff company. whether it's as a 2nd party AIB manufacture or as a separate line of products to compete in the mobile/console/consumer...
  18. Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Pens Lengthy Letter Disowning Film, Teases Existence of “Amazing” Director’s Cut

    Considering what these dipshit studios do to these movies, yeah, I'm willing to give Ayer a shot given his history.
  19. AMD’s RNDA 3 GPUs Rumored to Beat NVIDIA’s Lovelace GPUs in Performance and Efficiency

    I didn't say power didn't matter. People generally don't use power consumption as a metric over performance as a bullet point unless their preferred card has already lost that performance race. Power is an important factor when reviewing a card as a whole but unless the TGP is totally f*****...
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