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  1. Any way to stop windows 10 from installing video card drivers?

    Windows 10 update keeps installing a different driver for my AMD 6800 XT I am running Home version. In doing so it breaks Radeon software. The only fix is a full reinstall but windows just comes back around and installs a different driver. I have device installation settings checked as NO...
  2. All articles are 404

    All the front page links are showing 404, news and reviews, as well as the links from the forums.
  3. Images and links not showing

    So on the main page I do not see any images for the news stories. Also all the links at the top for the forums and articles are not showing. I also can't see the images in the articles. I was just looking at the new intel cpu review and no images loaded, but if I did a right click on what I...
  4. Review awards.

    Have you guys come up with a tier system for review awards? Gold, Silver, bronze? Tree fiddy or buckets to 11? 0-100?
  5. Plans for Ads in the forums?

    Do you guys plan on an Ad or two on forum pages? There is that empty spot at the top that could use a banner Ad. I know I don't mind a few relevant unobtrusive Ads here and there and generating revenue for content etc.
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