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  1. Intel’s dGPU Group Has Lost the Company $3.5 Billion, Estimates Analyst

    They can't be me too in value and expect success. They should aim for razor thin margins and give much better value, for many years. AMD has been doing this with consoles for example and they are still shaky in that sector, its hard in the world of computing. As far as AMD goes with dgpus, I...
  2. Epson Programs End of Life for Some Printers, Citing Danger of “Ink Spills”

    The printer business is so dirty... But hey, farmers , yeah thats the problem. Want to reduce emissions, mandate a 20 year life support, part and repair on things like this cellphones too. No but farmers.
  3. U.S. Army Developing Tactical Bra for Female Soldiers

    Great, 500 $ hammers 2000$ toilets and now 5000$ bras. So sorry, TACTICAL bras.
  4. California DMV Accuses Tesla of Falsely Advertising Autopilot, Full Self-Driving Features

    Tesla won't solve FSD. For sure they won't with crap cameras. They need to change course to do this. AI brute force " learning " aint the path. Brains don't drive like ai at all.
  5. Netflix Games Are Seeing Relatively Little Engagement

    Ah its in the mobile app, use it so rarely. Seems they install on their own, so im doing that.
  6. Netflix Games Are Seeing Relatively Little Engagement

    In didnt know about it, i thought it was a maybe still
  7. Blizzard Cancels World of Warcraft MMORPG for Smartphones

    Next year: Blizzard announces World of Warcraft Tactics, a micro- transaction laden abomination based on Warcraft, and oh yea, no more support for legacy pc games. Everyone will moan, and three months later they will announce 100 million dollar profit first 30 days since launched.
  8. Intel to Introduce Wi-Fi 7 in 2024

    Since the start, my wifi speed capability exceeded my internet connection.
  9. Raja Koduri Responds to Rumors of Intel’s Viability Concerns for Its Discrete GPU Division

    If Intel makes an official statement about how committed they are, the entire department needs to start looking for another job. They released a turd. No even really cheap. So two times the turd. Unless theres miracles in the pipeline typically you dont succeed with expensive turds. Even with...
  10. Tesla Plans to Demo Steam Integration Next Month

    Tesla gotta do something other than a car I suppose.
  11. Twitter Is Suing Elon Musk for Trying to Back Out of $44 Billion Deal

    This my experience exactly with search.
  12. Twitter Is Suing Elon Musk for Trying to Back Out of $44 Billion Deal

    Exact experience for me. The algorithm doesn't work the same for every topic. If you stumble upon say a workers right video, and you subscribe and like, you would expect to get something similar recommended, but that odds are will not be the case... You might get some cnn garbage, or some comedy...
  13. BMW Begins Selling Heated Seat Subscriptions for $18 a Month

    This is the intented future. A lot of this has to fail brutally. Collectively people are massively stupid, so I don't count on it happening.
  14. AMD RDNA 3 GPUs Could Feature Up to 384 MB of Infinity Cache

    Well, it reads like big improvements. Hopefully it will translate into good fps, and efficiency.
  15. BMW Begins Selling Heated Seat Subscriptions for $18 a Month

    You will own nothing and be happy about it: WEF
  16. Elon Musk Pulls Out of $44 Billion Twitter Acquisition Deal, Says Company Hasn’t Provided Required Data on Bots, Spam Accounts, and Other Problems

    What was preventing him before? Plus, did he cashed out ( as is cash in bank) or just purchased 10% of a company that is also plenty down in stock value? I hope he gets screwed out of 44b out of his own wealth. Supposed investors he had ' lined up' are probably running for the hills.
  17. Captain America 4 Finds Its Director in Cloverfield Paradox’s Julius Onah

    Oh god, more superhero garbage. When, please when this crap will stop.
  18. Kojima Productions Threatens Legal Action following False Claims of Hideo Kojima Being Involved with Shinzo Abe Assassination

    That or china, or maybe russia, or maybe a Russian- Chinese super soldier baby, that was bein incubated in Iraq, and fed Iranian's mothers milk, and trained in North Korea. Yeah that's it.
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