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  1. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Is Now Live, Featuring New Dragon Isles Continent (Five Zones), Dracthyr Evoker Race/Class Combo, and Dragonriding

    Yeah... I went from EQ to WoW myself, although I was with EQ from 1999 (started @ release, I didn't participate in the beta) to 2004 when I jumped ship to WoW. Got into the WoW beta and have been there for many many years. I was always with a close-nit group of friends from EQ so the community...
  2. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Is Now Live, Featuring New Dragon Isles Continent (Five Zones), Dracthyr Evoker Race/Class Combo, and Dragonriding

    This is the first expansion I did not purchase. I think the game has run its course.
  3. PNY GeForce RTX 3050 8G VERTO Dual Fan Video Card Review

    Thank you for the review as always! Basically, for the $$ you are better off getting an AMD 6600. At this price segment, you're concerned with Raster performance and that's about it. You're not getting this card for its Ray Tracing prowess.
  4. McDonald’s Launches Promotion for McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair

    Now I'll have a place for my Hot Pockets!
  5. Helm shutting down

    Sad to see them go.. That sucks..
  6. Elgato Announces Facecam Pro, World’s First 4K60 Webcam

    I think it is... Most 4K webcams are 4K30...
  7. Intel Core i5-13600K CPU Review

    They are "Efficient" at consuming power.. :)
  8. MSI MPG A1000G/A850G/A750G PCIE5 Power Supplies

    1000W models are going to become the BASELINE model in a couple of years.. Calling it now...
  9. Intel Core i5-13600K CPU Review

    I really like Intel's CPU. I want to REALLY like them. That power draw though. I can't. I can't do it.
  10. Review Scores - What do they mean?

    I like it.. Nice work Brent!
  11. Review Scores - What do they mean?

    Looking at the Intel 13900K Review, I see that the CPU got a 4.5 out 5 Stars for the review. Nowhere did I see an explanation on "How" you came to that determination. So how did you come up with the rating? :)
  12. Intel Core i9-13900K CPU Review

    Brent, very well done with the review! This thing is a power monger (both in terms of performance and consumption!). I'm torn though and not liking the current "Trend" from AMD and Intel with their strategy on becoming the performance king. Throwing more power a the device shouldn't be the...
  13. DualSense Edge Wireless Controller for PS5 Launches Globally on January 26 for $199.99

    $200 for a controller? That thing better **** well play the whole game itself for that price!
  14. Love the new layout

    Thank you for all your hard work David! They are indeed now serving a blank.. This is what I'm getting now:
  15. Love the new layout

    My only criticism of the new layout (and I believe it was this way with the old layout too, but now it stands out more) is the constant "Go to Thread" link on every page of the article. Also, the gaps between content are larger than usual as well (IE the Go To Thread and the page designations...
  16. Love the new layout

    I like how the News Ticker is nothing more than an MSI Advertisement bar... LOL
  17. Love the new layout

    I'm running 4K at the office, and the font scaling seemed to be OK for me..
  18. RTX4080 12gb "Unlaunch"

    Now I've seen everything. I guess sooner or later there had to be a n UnLaunch!
  19. Intel Announces Availability of Arc A750 and A770 GPUs, Starting at $289 and $329, Respectively

    To my knowledge, he's not with Intel anymore. Something about needing to take time to take care of his family. I hope he's ok but I don't believe he's there anymore.
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