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  1. New NVIDIA Broadcast App 1.3 Update Improves Noise Removal, Adds Support for More Cameras, and Reduces System Impact
  2. D2 Resurrected...

    Hopping in to the beta. Post your screens and thoughts if you play :)
  3. Steam suggests there are more RTX 3090 cards online than the entire RX 6000-series put together
  4. Glossy or flat/textured mouse ?

    I really like flat textured mice surfaces, but they always develop glossy spots from wear. Do Glossy mice hold up better?
  5. NVIDIA Brings RTX and DLSS to Arm Platform

    "What NVIDIA is trying to show here, is that future gaming PCs could do away with x86-based processors completely, as games are increasingly reliant on GPU power, with sufficiently fast Arm CPUs handling serial processing and low-bandwidth I/O stack."...
  6. MC: Core i9-10850K $319
  7. Crypto-mining’s half a billion dollar impact on AIB sales
  8. GPU shipments soar in Q1 year-over-year
  9. About that VRAM..

    NMS settings page:
  10. EVGA's 50% off deal...

    This Mem day weekend
  11. No Man's Sky gets DLSS

    Later this month apparently, pretty cool :)
  12. Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Analysis - The First Triple-A Ray Tracing Game

    The first triple-A PC game that will *only* run on ray tracing equipped PCs (and next-gen consoles to come), Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition is a phenomenal improvement over the 2019 original release. In this extended video, Alex Battaglia reveals the new RT effects, shows off the benefits for...
  13. Exposure Software 25% off

    Very decent alternative for those wo do not want/need a Adobe sub for photo editing.
  14. Crysis Remastered PC Revisited: DLSS, New Content, Improvements

    Text version:
  15. AMD says to follow Reddit's advice if you've got USB connectivity issues

  16. Reviewing GPUs, But With Real Pricing

    A different take.
  17. DF Nioh2 DLSS analysis

    Not my kind of game but interesting analysis.
  18. NVIDIA to launch CMP for professional mining, nerfing RTX 3060 for miners
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