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  1. Cities: Skylines II CTO Confirms 30 FPS Target for Newly Released City Builder: “No Long-Term Benefit to 60 FPS”

    Sounds more like an excuse to explain its poor performance out of the gate.
  2. Honda Introduces All-Electric, Autonomous Lawnmower That Can Drive Itself

    I'm still using a gas powered lawn mower, was planning on purchasing a greenworks battery mower last spring, but kinda forgot about it until reading this thread. I don't have a huge issue with gas powered mowers, and they're easy enough to maintain. However, replacing my 2-stage gas snowblower...
  3. 1STPLAYER STEAMPUNK 850W Power Supply Review

    That conclusion will likely go into the record books as one of the most severe beatdowns ever.
  4. Nintendo Switch 2 Performance on Par with PS4 and Xbox One, Activision Emails Reveal

    Ps4 level performance + ssd + dlss should make for a good time.
  5. Xbox Game Pass Core Launches Tomorrow with 36 Titles, including Halo 5: Guardians and Fallout 4

    I definitely see it as more appealing than Xbox Live Gold; Sure, you'd get new games monthly with that service, but a lot of times they were stinkers and if you weren't paying attention, you could potentially forget to 'add' games you were interested in to your library. At least with this new...
  6. Ahsoka Episode 5 Features the Best Shots in Star Wars History, Fans Say

    Yeah, I enjoyed it too - I went into Ahsoka really jaded with how the latest Star Wars series have turned out (pretty much everything non-Filoni) but it's won me over. Especially with EP 5. I was really impressed how well the Clone Wars stuff translated into live action (including the young...
  7. Nintendo Switch 2 Demoed at Gamescom 2023 with Visuals “Comparable” to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S: Report

    Looking forward to it. I regularly used a docked Switch as my 'backup' console for my PC, but when I switched to a 43" monitor, I found the Switch too blurry and it got relegated to the livingroom with a PS5 currently being used as my 'backup' console. Steam Deck has really made me love the...
  8. Linus Sebastian (LTT/LMG) Is Embroiled in Drama with Gamers Nexus over Ethics, Integrity, and Testing Practices

    There's a lot of tech tubers doing reaction videos to the news, where's "The FPS Review Reacts" video?? Gotta pump up those views!
  9. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Reveals Its Newly Designed Venom, Voiced by Tony Todd

    I like it, classic design but the updated logo with the spider legs going over the shoulder looks good. I hope they make Venom more menacing than he appeared in the recent films; I like Tom Hardy, but his Venom voice (and mannerisms) was more Cookie Monster than Venom imo. I enjoyed that...
  10. Disney CEO Bob Iger Says It Is Pulling Back on Marvel and Star Wars Projects to Contain Costs

    Yeah, I read that too. I remember it wasn't that long ago everybody was thinking that Disney was going to steamroll all the streaming services due to all the IPs they own. Now they're hemorraghing terribly under the strain.
  11. Just can't switch to linux

    I recently installed Ubuntu on a old Inspiron 15R, installation was seamless and easy, but I believe these laptops were all 'certified' for Ubuntu. Either way, it's given this laptop a new lease on life, what felt sluggish on Windows feels crisp and fast on Linux.
  12. The Last Hope Is a New Nintendo Switch Game That Looks Oddly Familiar

    "Footage does not represent actual gameplay" appears throughout the trailer - I bet you as bad as that preview looks, the actual game is even worse.
  13. PlayStation Showcase Dazzles with Alan Wake 2, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, MGS Delta: Snake Eater, Project Q Handheld, and ...

    Yeah, streaming only handheld system seems like a hard sell. I used remote play on my Vita for PS4 (farming in Destiny, iirc) and it wasn't ideal. A handheld PS4 would've been cool; Seems to me they could've shrunk hardware down enough to run PS4 titles in a handheld machine (digital only...
  14. PlayStation Showcase Confirmed for Tomorrow, May 24 as Industry Insiders Tease New Metal Gear Announcement

    I wish the showcase was tomorrow (my day off). I've actually been using my PS5 in my free time lately, enjoying collecting everything in Tsushima.
  15. Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons Delivers Tag Team Action on PC and Consoles This Summer

    Can't say I'm a huge fan of the new art style - too much River City Ransom. I would've preferred something more gritty or closer to Streets of Rage IV. Gameplay-wise it sounds good, I like the fusion of Roguelite elements into the beat 'em up. Not sure about only 2 player coop (if I read that...
  16. Over 30 Games Are Leaving PS Plus Next Month, including Marvel’s Spider-Man, Resident Evil, and NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

    The loss of Spider-Man is weird, however I'm betting Sony is pulling the game in anticipation of increased sales due to the new movie coming out.
  17. Report: Sony’s Next PlayStation Handheld Is Called the Q Lite, Features 8-Inch Touchscreen and Requires Constant Internet Connectivity

    My initial thoughts when I heard of the rumor (and the need for a PS5 to stream), was that Sony would use this product to enable 'wireless' play of their VR set (using the device to stream to the VR headsetup). However that thought changed when I saw the rumored specs (would not reach PS VR2...
  18. Sony Projected to Sell Fewer than 300,000 PS VR2 Headsets in Its First Weeks on the Market: “It’s a Complete Disaster”

    It'd probably be in their interest to open up the hardware - make it officially compatible with PC.
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