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  1. Acer Releasing 49-Inch Ultrawide VA Monitor with 2,048 Local Dimming Zones and DisplayHDR 2000 Support

    Vincent from HDTVTest did a good video on brightness, showing how things that you wouldn't really think are that bright are actually pretty bright in terms of nits.
  2. Sony’s PlayStation 5 Is the Fastest-Selling Console in U.S. History

    Imagine if they had actually built up a half decent supply.
  3. Naughty Dog Reportedly Developing The Last of Us Remake for PlayStation 5

    I can't even get myself to finish the first Uncharted, the gameplay and controls are just so rough.
  4. Sony Launches Streaming Service with Near Lossless Quality Comparable to UHD Blu-ray

    Sony is ideal if you only care about Movies, TV Shows, Sports etc. Gaming they are lagging behind and LG is probably your best bet. If Sony could just fix the gaming aspect of their TV's, they would dominate. It doesn't even seem that difficult so I'm not sure why they can't get their **** together.
  5. EA Patent Application Hints at Adaptive Difficulty System for Keeping Gamers Playing Longer

    This isn't new, at least not the concept. I believe they patented the same idea for multiplayer a couple years ago. It's a way to monetize users even more since you will probably be able to "pay to skip" difficult content or pay for upgrades.
  6. LG’s New A1 Lineup of 4K OLED TVs Starts at Just $1,299

    These just don't seem worth it at all. 60Hz instead of 120Hz, worse processor..all for a what, $200 saving? If they were $500 cheaper then I could MAYBE see a point in getting them for a secondary TV (Bedroom, basement etc).
  7. Take-Two CEO Argues That Players Are Ready for $70 Games

    Sure, I'd pay $70 if that gets me the full game not 25% of the game like we do now. If they want the base price to be $70 and the season pass another $60-70, they can **** right off.
  8. Bloodlines 2 on indefinite hold pending finding new developers.

    Well that really sucks. Sadly it doesn't look good for this game even if it gets released. Throwing multiple studios at a game never seems to work out :(
  9. LG’s 27-Inch OLED Monitor Will Cost $3,000

    I think the main problem is it's hard for them to justify making these smaller sizes since yields probably aren't as good. So they just end up making them super "high end" and charge thousands which the color pros don't mind spending. I'm more excited for the 42" TV they are supposedly making...
  10. LG’s 27-Inch OLED Monitor Will Cost $3,000

    This is for those that need ultra accurate displays I guess, so really it's not comparable to what most of us buy. Also, probably worthless for gaming.
  11. Tips on Acquiring LG OLED TV's?

    Best Buy has a warranty that you can buy that covers burn in. Keep in mind it isn't all that cheap, but if you are concerned I would go with them.
  12. Samsung Is Thinking about Building a $10 Billion Chipmaking Plant in Texas

    Probably not, hence they are sticking with Austin. They already have a site there IIRC. Apple, AMD, IBM and a bunch of other companies have campuses there, so it makes sense.
  13. Samsung Is Thinking about Building a $10 Billion Chipmaking Plant in Texas

    Gotta build where there is an abundance of talent to choose from.
  14. NVIDIA SHIELD Gets Support for PlayStation 5 DualSense and Xbox Series X|S Controllers

    You should really look into it a bit more. The Nvidia Shield is the best player if you want audio support, as it will passthrough/decode just about any format. Roku and most other streaming players can't pass through TrueHD or DTS-HD. Those USFF devices won't be as user friendly and honestly I'm...
  15. Intel 11th Gen Core “Rocket Lake-S” and “Comet Lake-S Refresh” CPU Pricing Teased

    Nope, 8/16. i9's only have higher clock speeds based on what I've seen so far.
  16. Intel 11th Gen Core “Rocket Lake-S” and “Comet Lake-S Refresh” CPU Pricing Teased

    I'm not sure about their recent ones, but my 3770K was made in Malaysia and I believe some were from Costa Rica.
  17. Tried to mount my 3090 horizontally and...

    Might be a faulty riser or there's something weird happening at idle clocks with your card. On the Nvidia discord someone was mentioning getting driver crashes at idle with their 3090 (I think Asus). Might be worth checking for a bios update for your card.
  18. RTX 3000 series retail prices going up?

    Even less of a reason to buy ****ty AIB partner cards. I wonder if the FE will go up in price, still $700 on bestbuy while the others all increased.
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