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  1. Diablo IV: Vessel of Hatred Expansion Could Cost $100, according to Leaked Blizzard Survey

    $100 for an expansion to a game that went from $70 base game to $40 after 5 months. Yeah, sure, you betcha.
  2. Dave Filoni Has Been Named Chief Creative Officer of Lucasfilm Following Previous Promotion as Its Executive Vice President

    "The Force is Female" mantra from Kennedy et. al. say otherwise. I mean, yes if you just flipped the sexes back to male (mary sue would become a gary stu) it would still be bad but it clearly is an agenda to push women into every leading role.
  3. Daisy Ridley Comments on Her New Star Wars Film: “I Think People Will Be Very Excited”

    Maybe if they had started with that but now, the whole thing is a joke. They won't get any of it right, not even a good approximation of the stories in the books. They'll be worse adaptations, worse than the cheesiest of the bad novels in the expanded universe. They couldn't even get a good...
  4. Daisy Ridley Comments on Her New Star Wars Film: “I Think People Will Be Very Excited”

    So basically, they're making her Luke Skywalker from many of the books written over 20 years ago.
  5. Starfield Duvet Cover Set Could Be the Ultimate Holiday Gift for a Bethesda Fan

    Todd Howard gives it 4 stars and says, "It just works to keep you warm!"
  6. Cities: Skylines II Gets 1.0.13f1 Hotfix Update to Improve Performance and Provide Various Fixes

    Funny thing is, the more time goes on, the more bugs show up that aren't related to the gpu performance problems. Definately a game released too early.
  7. NVIDIA Could Unveil GeForce RTX 40 SUPER Series Graphics Cards at CES 2024

    4090 Super Spatula Space Heater Suprim-X
  8. Miles Morales Is Insomniac’s “Main” Spider-Man Going Forward

    Not a surprise given the last few years nor from some of the reviews and footage I've seen of the latest game. Good luck Sony/Marvel/Insomniac with that plan though.
  9. Cities: Skylines II CTO Confirms 30 FPS Target for Newly Released City Builder: “No Long-Term Benefit to 60 FPS”

    Sure but if it starts at 30fps in a small city, what will it be running at when you reach 50k or 100k population?
  10. PAYDAY 3 Update Announcement States That Denuvo Has Been Removed Ahead of Its September 21 Release

    I doubt this will help them much given that the beta wasn't well received last weekend.
  11. Mortal Kombat 1 Adds Megan Fox as the Voice of Vampire Nitara: “She’s Evil, but She’s Also Good”

    Evil but also good eh? Sounds like free frogurt...thats also cursed.
  12. Starfield’s Start Screen Reveals a “Rushed” Game, Former Team Lead of World of Warcraft Claims

    Heh, I hadn't thought about Kern/Grummz in awhile. Either way, it isn't a big deal, a basic start screen. It quite possibly goes with the game theme, space, 2001 space odyssey. Who knows. I can't think of the last time I played a game that had a bad or lazy start screen that telegraphed a bad...
  13. Christopher Nolan Explains Why Dialog in Oppenheimer May Be Hard to Hear

    Nolan movie with sound issues? I'm shocked, well not that shocked.
  14. Xbox Unveils Pizza-Scented TMNT: Mutant Mayhem Controllers

    Just what I always wanted.
  15. Microsoft Plans to Move Windows 11 “Increasingly to the Cloud”

    So, shall we take guesses on the day that Windows died? The day of a ddos attack perhaps. Though my favorite would be the more mundane problem that someone at Microsoft forgot to update a security certificate and now Windows365 is declared a virus risk.
  16. Starfield Is “Like Five or Six Games in One” and Features the “Fewest Bugs Any Bethesda Game Has Shipped With”

    Well, then. That answers that. I for one, totally believe them.
  17. Star Trek: Infinite Brings Grand Strategy to PC and macOS This Fall

    Ugh...Paradox and Paramount will be DLC spam central. The full game will be done in 5 years and 5 $20 DLC's later.
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