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  1. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 SUPER Series Features Up to 15% Faster Performance on Average: Report

    I've got a 3080Ti and I'm right on the cusp of feeling that upgrade bug. for some reason I thought the 5 series was coming out early 2024 so I'm a bit bummed about the Super. I know it's not going to be cheap enough to get the 4080 Super then the 5 series without feeling like I'm just wasting...
  2. YouTube Is Doubling Down on Blocking Ad Blockers

    Most of the channels I watch on Youtube have been demonetized. I'm not watchin adds on a channel unless they will benefit from it directly. I can't wait for Youtube to burn to the ground and I hope it takes the careers of everyone making these decisions with it.
  3. Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 Is Finally “Feature Complete” After an 11-Year Journey, New Trailer Reveals

    It looks enticing and I paid for this over 13 years ago so I'll play it but as good as they are at creating cinematics I'm still not convinced they can make a good game. Squadron 42 is just the single player campaign, Star Citizen is the multi-player persistent universe. Abstaining, at least...
  4. Forspoken Is the First Gaming Title to Receive AMD FSR3 with Frame Generation Via Latest Patch

    Why are they spending so much time and money on such a sub-par title? None of what they are doing address the core issues of the game and it's unlikely it will bring in many, if any, new players. Especially considering recent and upcoming releases. Ain't no one got time for this ****!
  5. Larian Studios Exec Speaks Up in Defense of Microsoft’s Extremely Low Assessment to Get Baldur’s Gate 3 onto Game Pass at Launch

    No one could have seen BG3's current numbers based on the first 2 BG's sales numbers or, more importantly, the sales numbers of the first two Original Sin games at the time of that document's writing. This whole situation with people getting butt hurt because they think MS was trying to screw...
  6. Todd Howard Responds to Starfield’s Alleged Lack of PC Optimization: “Upgrade Your PC”

    I'm running that one as well, along with a few others, and it makes a huge difference in overall visual quality in my opinion.
  7. Todd Howard Responds to Starfield’s Alleged Lack of PC Optimization: “Upgrade Your PC”

    Starfield's graphics would have been on the nicer side of average 5 years ago. Just saying your game is "next Gen" doesn't make it so. There is nothing visible about Starfield that would make sub 30fps on a RTX 3080ti justifiable on ultra without DLSS {mod} but with DLSS on at 50% render...
  8. Starfield’s Start Screen Reveals a “Rushed” Game, Former Team Lead of World of Warcraft Claims

    I'm sure Starfield will survive a mediocre start screen... I still think WoW was the absolute worst thing to happen to modern gaming so Mark Kern can shove his worthless opinion straight up is arse. While I'm at it good ol' Petey can shut his crap talking pie hole as well. He's just as much of...
  9. Uncharted Producer Teases New Sequel Based on Naughty Dog’s Adventure Franchise

    I didn't mind Holland but Wahlberg's Sully was pure trash and the overall film was a throwback to the horrible video game movies of the 90s.
  10. Phil Spencer Takes “Full Responsibility” for Redfall’s Poor Release and Promises “a Better Job” with Starfield: “I’m Upset with Mysel...

    The launch was fine, it's the game that sucks. Not much Spencer can do about that without micromanaging developers. Arcane should have made this single player story driven game with co-op. As it is now it's just boring.
  11. PETA Requests New God of War Ragnarök Mode Without Violence Against Animals

    Can we replace the animals with members of PETA?
  12. Call of Duty Won’t Appear on Game Pass “for a Number of Years” Because of Activision-Sony Agreement

    As long as they put Diablo 2 Resurrection and Diablo 4 on there I don't care about anything else.
  13. MSI MPG A1000G/A850G/A750G PCIE5 Power Supplies

    Almost a month later and still no sign of these. Has MSI given any word on when we'll start seeing these in stores?
  14. Starfield Already Has 250,000+ Lines of Dialogue, Far More than Fallout 4 and Skyrim

    ...And it's all performed by the same 6 people.
  15. Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Edition Announced for PC and Consoles For $119.99

    Except that's not the case and he is correct, the original Far Cry was not a linear shooter. While most of what Zarathustra says is borderline nonsense, in this case it's just dumb and no 3D game holds up 14 years later unless maybe the graphics were already dated the day it was launched.
  16. Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Edition Announced for PC and Consoles For $119.99

    I tried playing this during the free weekend a few months ago and I barely made it through the intro chapter, it's just boring and the characters are obnoxious. I don't think Ubisoft can make a good game anymore, everything they put out feels like a reskin/mod of every other game they put out...
  17. Mad Catz Announces G.Y.R.A. Gaming Chair Series

    I think that's because they are all the same chair, just rebranded for each seller.
  18. CD PROJEKT RED Announces New Witcher Trilogy, Two Additional Witcher Games, a Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel, and Entirely New IP

    They've made 3 Witcher games, I'm sure they can handle 3 more without much issue. They've made one Cyberpunk game which was nothing like The Witcher, there is going to be a learning curve for them, just like with The Witcher, that's how great games are made. The PC version wasn't broken, just...
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