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  1. SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 7800 XT 16GB GAMING OC Video Card Review

    Yeah, it's funny when the exact same people who defended the nvidia 30 series power draw and said it wasn't important are now the ones bitching about Radeon power draw.
  2. AMD Announces It Is Bethesda’s Exclusive PC Partner for Starfield, Killing All Hopes of NVIDIA DLSS 3 and Frame Generation Implementation: “We ...

    Except that almost every single one of those GPUs can run FSR but only a fraction, and likely a small fraction at that, can run DLSS. And beyond that, the console market dwarfs the GPU market and guess what happens to be powering those consoles? It's amazing how much butthurt there is over...
  3. Warner Bros. Is Attempting to Reconnect with Peter Jackson for New Lord of the Rings Films

    Peter Jackson took a nasty hit because of studio interference in the Hobbit movie atrocities and I'd be surprised if the studio could keep its hands off the new movies which would kill any chance he'd come back.
  4. Overclocking AMD Radeon RX 7600

    The hard limits could also suggest the GPU and yields have the potential for some very high numbers but AMD doesn't want this card at this price to be able to make use of what it can do. That could be due to a possible future 7600xt or maybe it could make a possible 7700 class card look bad...
  5. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Manages to Become One of the Lowest-Rated Games of 2023

    I can't imagine in any world where I would want to play as Gollum and I doubt I'm the only one. The premise of the game was bad from the start. If the gameplay, performance and visuals are also bad it sounds like the developer didn't think much of the game either.
  6. Amazon Announces a New Lord of the Rings Game: “We Want It to Be the Biggest MMO Out There”

    I've never seen the actual licensing agreement of course, but it has been known for years that the license is by no mean in perpetuity. It has always been for a set amount of time with re-negotiation required every time the license was up for renewal. All the current owner of the IP has to do...
  7. Amazon Announces a New Lord of the Rings Game: “We Want It to Be the Biggest MMO Out There”

    I was more than happy to hear the previous attempt by Amazon at a Lord of the Rings MMO died and really don't like hearing that another attempt is being made. One reason is that I play Lord of the Rings Online and there's no way in hell Amazon could ever come close to matching what that game is...
  8. Der8auer Shares a Statement from ASUS in a Video Showing Damage to a Ryzen 7000 Non-X3D CPU

    I have an Asus B450-f Gaming with a Ryzen 2600x in it. When I first started running it I noticed temps seemed quite high. After some investigation it turns out the motherboard was pumping 1.2v into the SoC. After manually setting the voltage to 1.0v it ran a lot cooler with slightly better...
  9. Amazon and The Tolkien Estate Sued for Alleged Copyright Infringement in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

    Considering how horrible the series was and how much like terrible fanfic it was I wouldn't be surprised to find out something like this is true.
  10. What is your target FPS for gaming?

    I'm currently running a 1080p 75hz monitor so I go for 75fps but am hoping to upgrade to a 1440p 144hz monitor later this year. If so, it will obviously change then
  11. The Continental Trailer Teases a Three-Part John Wick Series without Keanu Reeves

    If the trailer is anything to go by, it's no surprise that John Wick wouldn't be in it. According to the trailer it takes place in the 70s and I doubt a baby John Wick would be very interesting.
  12. Disney+ Cancels Willow After One Season

    From everything I've heard about it, it should have been cancelled before it was made.
  13. Square Enix Calls Forspoken Sales “Lackluster”

    I tried the demo on a lark and within 15 minutes of playing the protagonist and the bracelet had annoyed me way too much. What little there was to the combat in that tutorial at the beginning wasn't interesting at all. There have been many comments about how the combat system doesn't really come...
  14. Micro Center Is Opening More Stores, Starting with Indianapolis

    One of the reasons Microcenter hasn't gone the way of the dodo like many other stores is because the company has been smart enough to not expand too fast or too much. I'd love to see more Microcenters opened up across the country and there's no doubt that there are quite a few places they could...
  15. Valve: Steam Deck 2 with Greater Performance Is Years Away

    I could have sworn I read something months ago which said Valve had no intention of putting out a new one with faster hardware anytime soon so this is anything but a surprise. There was the rumor before the next faster hardware release that they were thinking of putting out a revision which was...
  16. Sabrent and Phison Are Collaborating to Develop PCIe Gen5 SSD with Speeds Up to 14,000 MB/S

    Instead of worrying about faster sequential transfer speeds that no one will probably need for another 5-10 years maybe they should work on getting the things to not need watercooling or at least not need massive tower heatsinks to keep them cool enough to keep from throttling.
  17. An Analyst Says That Disney Might Sell Its Stake in Hulu in Order to Secure Rights for Hulk and Namor from NBC/Universal

    And if you're selling stuff off because you can't pay back your loans, you're an idiot and in the case of someone like Disney, a complete and total and moronic idiot who had a money printer and instead of printing money smashed the machine with a sledgehammer.
  18. An Analyst Says That Disney Might Sell Its Stake in Hulu in Order to Secure Rights for Hulk and Namor from NBC/Universal

    Considering the number of cash cows Disney has, that it has any debt at all is a monument to stupidity and mismanagement.
  19. Nicolas Cage Says He Doesn’t Need to Be in the MCU: “I’m Nic Cage”

    His first Ghost Rider movie had plenty of problems but it's decent enough; at least for someone who knows nothing about comics. I think two of the big problems were Eva Mendes' character and not doing enough with Sam Elliot. Eva Mendes was some nice eye candy but the character was a waste of...
  20. MSI GeForce RTX 4090 SUPRIM LIQUID X 24G Video Card Review

    It's not tinfoil hat theory at all because there's an obvious pattern and nVidia does not like supporting or updating anything for cards more than a generation old. In many cases there's little or no reason for that support to be basically dropped. AMD has been managing to do very similar if not...
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