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  1. Harrison Ford Says That Indiana Jones 5 Will Begin Shooting “In About Two Months”

    Wasn't Tomb Raider the (unofficial) female version? I'm surprised we haven't seen more movies in that vein... We are over due for a genre shift soon... I'm over superhero flicks already.
  2. Microsoft Confirms 12 TFLOPS GPU for Xbox Series X: Twice the Power of an Xbox One X

    It’s always been kind of a red herring, as TFLOPs don’t precisely translate to FPS. And there are other advantages consoles have with respect to optimization and performance over a PC, so I would expect the console to give a real world experience that is a bit better than a similarly powered PC...
  3. Samsung Is Forcing High-End TV Buyers to Embrace 8K by Crippling Its 4K QLED Lineup

    I won’t get into the argument of diminishing returns, I would agree that we are already there. But in the larger scope; I would always prefer to have more pixels than fewer...
  4. Sony Is Shutting Down the PlayStation Community Forums at the End of February

    Is there even really any discussion on the other platforms? You get a heavily curated message from the owner, and the ability to like or repost the original message... nothing two-way. I can see why it’s popular with the big corps, it certainly eliminates a lot of avenues of liability. Reddit...
  5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Developer Apologizes for Ridiculous 94 GB Season 2 Update

    It’s a 3+ day download in my neck of the woods.
  6. Apple Fined 25 Million Euros for OTA Updates That Throttled the Performance of iPhones

    The only knock I will place on Zara’s opinion is that changing the battery out in an iPhone isn’t trivial, and there for a time Apple was trying to force you through only Authorized Repair Centers for it. That part may be worth the fine. Other than that, yeah, I do agree that performance...
  7. Apple Dumping Intel Next Year? Mac with ARM Processor Releasing in 2021, Says Analyst

    Apple could already run ARM apps on Intel arch with emulation... they just extremely limited it for consumer use and restricted the full Monty to devs for app testing The only reason Apple doesn’t allow iOS and OS X to coexist is because they don’t want to, not because of any hardware issues...
  8. Alleged AMD Next-Gen Flagship Navi ‘Radeon RX’ GPU Specifications Leaked

    24G of HBM2 is .... $$$ Makes me think this is bunk. Maybe a workstation or compute card...
  9. Gamers Who Purchase Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox One Will Get the Xbox Series X Version for Free

    Also makes me think some cash changed hands here - this isn’t an XB exclusive, and CDPR did not announce the same deal for PlayStation in so far as I can tell. I do realize that supporting a new console gen isn’t quite the same thing as just ticking the graphics options up on a PC... but with...
  10. Gamers Who Purchase Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox One Will Get the Xbox Series X Version for Free

    Well, there is the backwards compatibility thing... that isn’t the same thing as getting the new version with all the new bells and whistles, but it’s probably as far as the console maker can go. It’s on the software distributor to make the updated software available. I agree, it’s very nice...
  11. Microsoft Is Bringing Its Highly Rated Defender Antivirus Software to iOS and Android

    I didn’t realize Defender was highly rated for anything other than price and availability
  12. It Doesn’t Look Like Intel’s 10th Gen Processors Will Be Priced Competitively with AMD Ryzen

    I can almost understand (although not agree with) the strategy here You have a premium brand name, that is worth something right there. You don’t want to cut to the budget runner-up overnight. There will be a contingent of people who will stick with Intel pretty much no matter what. Not sure...
  13. Windows 10 Gets Prettier: Microsoft Begins Rolling Out Beautiful New Icons for Insiders

    I kinda liked Aero on Win7, but I would admit it looks a bit dated by today's standard. I don't mind Win10, but it doesn't exactly grab me. I never did get used to Live Tiles, I only very rarely use the Start Menu in the first place.
  14. So annoying high end motherboards with Wifi.

    Think I saw it in the Adult section
  15. Hasbro Is Bringing Back Tiger Electronics’s Retro LCD Handheld Games, for Some Reason

    These were the horrible poor kid version of a game boy that I endured as a kid. No nostalgia value to me.... I probably need a therapist.
  16. RTX Gaming Laptops Will Be the “Largest Game Console in the World,” Claims NVIDIA CEO

    Largest as in physical size or .... because I’m pretty sure there are already more laptops than consoles
  17. Google Stadia to Add Support for ASUS ROG, Razer, and Samsung Galaxy Phones Later This Week

    I just don’t understand Stadia’s roll out strategy

    I saw that - at least they are fixing it
  19. Samsung Is Forcing High-End TV Buyers to Embrace 8K by Crippling Its 4K QLED Lineup

    I wouldn’t call it forcing to buy - it’s still a choice. Samsung obviously wants to up sell and steer consumers to higher margin products. I don’t really see this as evil corporation trying to screw consumers, just a realignment of their product offerings versus price points and tiers.
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