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  1. EK Launches $579.99 Water Block with Intel Cryo Cooling Technology and Support for 14th Gen Core Processors

    And supply that much electricity as well. To cool 250W, you need another 250W for the TEC, and you need to dump all 500W. It gets crazy fast.
  2. Apple Cancels Decade-Long Effort to Build an Electric Car

    This is true too. Although I don't think that's what necessarily is holding back EV adoption, at least in the US. The average new car price in the US is $47,400 right now, which is all cars (EVs are about 7% of new cars sold right now). The average price for just an EV is $53,800. Many of those...
  3. Apple Cancels Decade-Long Effort to Build an Electric Car

    So this doesn't quite paint the full picture If you look at just raw car sales numbers - EVs are selling fairly well. They sold more EVs last year than the year before, and are on track to sell more EVs this year than last. So people are out there buying EVs. I think they make sense for a lot...
  4. NZXT Launches a PC Subscription Service

    It's the price you pay for being able to cancel (or upgrade) at any time Ridiculously expensive if you are thinking long term ownership, unless you were just looking at one for ... a couple of months. Then.. $170 for the use of a nice computer, and you ship it right back... it could almost make...
  5. Ubisoft Announces “Record High Player Engagement” for Skull and Bones as Season 1: Raging Tides Launches Worldwide

    It's like Famous Daves: World Famous BBQ, winner of the best BBQ from a Restaurant named Dave 18 years running!
  6. NZXT Launches a PC Subscription Service

    This won't last long.
  7. Nintendo Sues Switch Emulator Yuzu, Says Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Was Pirated 1 Million Times before Release

    If they would just release their games on PC that would be 1M more sales
  8. Take a Stab into Forensic Science with Autopsy Simulator Arriving on PC in 2024

    First thing I thought of when I saw this too
  9. NVIDIA Is Bringing Ads to GeForce NOW’s Free Tier

    I didn’t use this before. I sure as hell am not about to start now
  10. Intel Graphics Driver Delivers Up to 155% FPS Uplift for Select DirectX 11 Titles

    It’s amazing when you just optimize for a handful of games at a time - then every driver is like +99999% better* * for selected titles
  11. Apple Cancels Decade-Long Effort to Build an Electric Car

    Not sure how that’s too different from Android Auto / Carplay. And my latest 2023 car has 2 SIM cards in it - one for Ford to do there telematics and snoopIng, and a second I could pay to activate a hotspot in the car — just in case I wanted to use AA / Carplay but didn’t have a cell phone for it
  12. PlayStation Lays Off 900 Employees, including Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog, and Guerrilla Staff

    A lot of layoffs lately. Hope it isn’t a precursor to something bigger going down
  13. Lenovo Unveils ThinkBook Laptop with Transparent Micro-LED Display at MWC 2024

    Will make watching porn at Starbucks more interesting for everyone
  14. Post editing stuff is gone

    Just had this happen again - no idea. Popped up recently. At least this time there were only 50MB worth of cookies. Clearing them fixed the issue again.
  15. Rip and Shear: DOOM Is Coming to Husqvarna Automowers

    Gotta admit this kinda looks fun. Would be great to chase squirrels with
  16. New Storage Tech Enables Discs with 10,000x the Capacity of Blu-ray

    Pressed CDs - last forever. Apart from scratches (or the microwave, in my teenage years), I've never had a pressed CD go bad CDRs however... They love to delaminate and destroy themselves. I'm sure back when I was a teenager buying the cheapest ones I could in packs of 100 didn't help anything...
  17. Well my cyberpower CP1500PFCLCD UPS died.

    Two things: Usually when a battery dies, the unit should fail gracefully - it should tell you the battery is bad and to replace it. If it's doing weird things - it may be ok when you put a new battery in it, but it's already doing weird things that it should not be doing. I wouldn't trust it...
  18. NVIDIA App Beta Unifies the NVIDIA Control Panel and GeForce Experience

    Mine does that occasionally as well. Or Windowed mode games won't get accelerated but Full Screen will - occasionally. Along with weird can't go to sleep issues - occasionally. Or GPU driver crashes when waking from sleep - occasionally. Usually a reboot cleans things up for a while, but it...
  19. Well my cyberpower CP1500PFCLCD UPS died.

    Get a new one
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