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  1. Is licensing holding you back from going EPYC?

    Sadly there isn't a break :( Broadcom when full-on stupid with their plans for VMWare. I don't nearly have the infrastructure you're having to manage (roughly 256 cores for my 6 hosts) and as a Non-profit the pricing just isn't sustainable.
  2. Is licensing holding you back from going EPYC?

    This is roughly correct.. I don't believe you can under-license the cores and get things to work (license for 16 cores when you have 32 available on the CPU). Broadcom is hacking the living daylights out of the product to make it completely unusable by small/medium sized business and home...
  3. Is licensing holding you back from going EPYC?

    There is a Migration path directly from XO for ESXi VMs to XCP-NG. It's currently bugged if you use the latest "Release" version of 8.2.1 for XCP-NG and it's supposedly fixed in the 8.3-B2 release of XCP-NG. I'm going to be playing with an upgrade of my testbench to 8.3-B2 and try another set...
  4. Is licensing holding you back from going EPYC?

    Licensing has been the sole reason why I haven't gone apeshit on building a killer host with dual EPYC's in it. I'm in the process of testbenching XCP-NG though, and very well may make a cluster of dual EPYC's (for HA/Redundancy) for the majority of guests.
  5. What's the best way to use Windows only for gaming?

    Oh.. We are in agreement here. I didn't state it was the greatest solution. It's just one way I've seen people attempt it.
  6. What's the best way to use Windows only for gaming?

    It's a slight performance penalty (for gaming in a Windows VM) but you might be able to pull off a Windows Gaming VM with GPU passthrough. You probably will get decent information from :
  7. Well my cyberpower CP1500PFCLCD UPS died.

    Looks like a nice unit. Best of luck to you! That detachable front panel controller looks neat too.
  8. PowerColor Hellhound Radeon RX 7900 GRE GPU Review: It’s Hella Cool

    Thank you Brent for an excellent review (as always!).
  9. One week Remains to Score Preorder Discounts on the Samsung Galaxy S24

    I feel your pain on being stuck in the Apple Camp. I'm getting there with my family, migrating them away from the "Apple Life". I've got my daughter using a Pixel 8 now, and I have a Pixel 7a. My parents are off the Apple Bandwagon finally, with the only 2 combatants left to fell are my wife...
  10. First Wallpapers for the Next Tomb Raider Game Unveiled as Crystal Dynamics Rolls Out Society of Raiders Fan Page

    It's basically "Artificial Leather"... Plant or Plastic based.. Junk is what it screams...
  11. If you're on the VMWare Platform, what are you doing now?

    Looks as though the Broadcom's completion of the acquisition of VMWare, and their deciding to kill off perpetual licensing, what are your plans going forward if you're in the ESXi world? I myself, working for a non-profit organization, can't afford the per-core-a-year pricing they've...
  12. Recommend me a mousepad...

    I use this for my desk.. I like the pad. It's cheap... It works... All the check boxes I need..
  13. Where to Find a Launch Day 4070 Ti SUPER GPU

    The only reason to jump on this card would be if you were 20 series or lower with respects to what you currently have. My 3070 and 3080 pack more than enough gaming power for what I need, and I'd rather spend that money on the 50 series when the time comes, as I'm sure that performance...
  14. XFX Speedster QICK 309 Radeon RX 7600 XT Black Edition Video Card Review

    So which is it? The QUIK 309 and QUIK 319? That box tells a different story!
  15. Win 11 multiple sound devices, how to?

    If I am understanding the question correctly, I believe you can setup something under System > Sound > Volume Mixer: Apps is where you wanna go
  16. MSI GeForce RTX 4070 Ti GAMING SLIM 12G Video Card Review

    Aren't they phasing out the 4070 Ti for the 4070 Ti Super?
  17. Twitch Bans Implied Nudity While Streaming

    It's an Amazon product... It's not going anywhere anytime soon.. :(
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