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  1. Logitech Unveils Its Most Portable Keyboard Ever

    Nah, this is the most portable keyboard ever: Unfortunately it is discontinued, all you can get is cheap Chinese knockoffs. It is miles better than a touchpad, especially when used in a moving vehicle.
  2. ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree Achieves Perfect Scores from Critics Ahead of June 20 Release

    I have a suspicion that they don't dare to give anything other than perfect scores in fear of mass backlash. Fromsoft games but especially Elden Ring have become the darling of the industry you are not allowed to criticize. Or any criticism is handwaved with "git good" A certain group of gamers...
  3. Mortal Kombat 1 Adds Experimental 60 FPS Mode on PC

    It didn't even occur to me that a game can be locked to 30 fps on PC. I guess all the diversity hires at netherrealm have been eating away at competency.
  4. Cybertruck Deliveries Reportedly Halted as New and Current Owners Await Replacement Windshield Parts

    Yeah, they fixed it by replacing the steel balls with tennis balls. I'm not even joking.
  5. The Last of Us Part II Remastered for PC May Be Delayed to 2025 to Coincide with Season 2 of the HBO Series

    I was thinking about this and came up with a theory that they might be delaying it due to damage control reasons. They don't want the controversy surrounding the game regurgitated in advance because they fear it might negatively affect the TV show.
  6. Cybertruck Deliveries Reportedly Halted as New and Current Owners Await Replacement Windshield Parts

    My guess is that they used an off the shelf wiper motor for that comically oversized wiper, when what they really needed was a motor designed for lifting barriers :D
  7. Star Wars: The Acolyte Premieres on Disney+ with a 94% Tomatometer Score

    That's exactly what a tourist would say, who only cares about themes and superficial things. A fan of the actual Star Wars universe cares about world building, history, consistency, continuity, rules.
  8. OREO Star Wars Special Edition Cookies Arrive in Stores on June 10 and Fans Can Discover Their Destiny with the Force

    We haven't had Oreos in Europe until recently and after hearing americans fawning over them all the time, I decided to try them. Hot take: They are not that great. The cookie is too hard and crumbly and the filling is just basic cream with no flavor. Most bottom shelf cookies that we take for...
  9. EXODUS Is a New AAA Science Fiction RPG from Former BioWare Developers Starring Matthew McConaughey

    I'm not sure who the player character is supposed to be here, or which time period the game takes place. As long as we get a decent custom character creator I'm cautiously interested.
  10. Star Wars: The Acolyte Premieres on Disney+ with a 94% Tomatometer Score

    If I rank all of their series based on writing quality this is the result: Andor > Mandalorian S1 > Mandalorioan S2 > Ashoka > Mandalorian S3 > Book of boba fett > Obi wan > Acolyte And anything bellow Mando S2 is not worth the time it takes to watch them. And no, I don't think the 3 better...
  11. FromSoftware Says Its Games Need Improvement If Players Can’t Beat Them without a Guide

    It's not that I can't beat them, it's that I don't enjoy beating them. Frustration and banging your head against a wall until the wall finally breaks is not my idea of fun. And I'm not a narcissist so beating them for bragging rights is not enticing either.
  12. “Goodbye”: Dragon Age Players Say They’re Leaving the Franchise after Seeing The Veilguard’s Reveal Trailer

    It's not the graphics that is offputting it's the clear intention of trying to mimic the style of a hero shooter / moba. And the cringe "diverse" companions.
  13. “Goodbye”: Dragon Age Players Say They’re Leaving the Franchise after Seeing The Veilguard’s Reveal Trailer

    At this point what would shock me is if the reaction to a western AAA game was positive. The industry is 100% out of touch of what people want. At this point I'm starting to agree with the people saying it all just needs to die like ET.
  14. Summer Game Fest 2024 Overflows with a Swath of New Game Trailers

    Most of these seem so generic. Like they are AI generated game concepts.
  15. Sony Removes 8K Logo from PlayStation 5 Boxes, Leaving Only “4K 120” and “HDR”

    On a TV Screen from a reasonable distance I can barely call the difference between 1080p and 4K. On PC, maybe I can imagine a tangible difference between 4K and 8K, but I'd rather they improved other aspects of the graphics before going for 4x the resolution.
  16. Free Demo for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Is Now Available via Steam until June 17

    I entered one of my throw away emails and it didn't even send an email to it. But it lets me play the game anyway. It never asked me to log in after that, I never set a password. Strange. As for the game, no way this is ready for a September launch. There are too many bugs and functions not...
  17. Marvel’s Midnight Suns Is Free on Epic Games Store

    It's a decent enough strategy game, held back by a cringe narrative and unnecessary walking sim "minigame" I'd have played it a lot more if you could just skip all the story on a second playthrough and focus on the encounters only.
  18. Microsoft Shows Off Automatic Super Resolution, the First OS-Integrated, AI-Based Super Resolution Tech for Gaming

    A thing that nobody asked for and nobody wants, typical microsoft.
  19. PSA: GOG Will Begin Deleting Cloud Saves That Exceed 200 MB per Game in August

    After they delete the saves will the client keep complaining that the cloud is not synced? Or will it delete local saves as well? That'd be fun /s. CDPR also stores the save games in a very weird location locally that you'd normally not think to back up when doing a reinstall. We'll see what...
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