1tb Intel 670p m.2 nvme $80 @ newegg

This nvme is SOO much faster than the included oem Samsung one. I was about to buy one for a different laptop but the price is back to 99 now.

I mean like, from a complete power off, you see the Asus logo then BAM windows. No twirly windows loading screen at all.
Reads are pretty on with my desktop's Samsung 970 Evo, but Sammy wins on writes. Still, for a $80 gen 3 nvme, cannot complain. I will totally buy another one for the other laptop if/when it goes on sale again.

This has gone back up to $99.
Where the QLC flash will get you is in very large sustained writes.

It won't stop writing, it'll just throttle to < 100MB/s - I have a pair of 2TB 660p drives in use. For PCIe 3 game drives, they're perfect, and generally speaking there's little reason to avoid them for most desktop uses. High bitrate / high resolution video editing is one that comes to mind.
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