A strange request for email addresses appears on each forum page!


May 28, 2019
Hey all,
This text appears at the top of each page on the forum
We're doing a weekly newsletter recap - if you want this for your inbox, sign up here - http://eepurl.com/gLrSUj

I find it difficult to believe such a strange URL belongs to TheFPSReview.
It looks like a hack harvesting email addresses.

Just realised its not asking for email addresses, its likely our account inbox referenced, but is still a strange URL.
(I'm not clicking the link to check further)
Is it genuine?
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Yeah - it's genuine. If you click the X on the announcement it'll go away. Maybe I'll see if I can get mailchimp to provide an unshortened URL to put there...

Speaking of which, about to get started on this week's newsletter - if you want today's edition, hurry up and sign up!
Alright. Can't change the URL shortened thing - I may have to make a landing page on the main site and embed there. Updated the message. It'll call you out by name, added a note about it being a Mailchimp shortened URL. Does that help?
AntiQuark, we're doing a weekly newsletter recap - if you want this for your inbox, click on this text to sign up (shortened link goes to MailChimp)
lol yes, cheers :D
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