Are You a Distro Hopper?


May 11, 2019
Do you go from distro to distro to distro trying them all out and never settling down?

I know I do. I love experimenting with stuff.
I used to be, but like knowing I have a good stable box to do things on.
Plus the extra parts I have laying around for an experimental box are a bit underpowered.

Staying with a dedicated Ubuntu and Manjaro boxes.
I used to be, but like knowing I have a good stable box to do things on.
That's pretty much where I've landed too. It's been a long road though - after ditching Windows at the start of the decade for my daily computing, I began using Linux Mint KDE. This is when it was still KDE 4.

Then I went openSUSE after a little while when I began to venture out. This was fine, but then I got itchy feet and decided I wanted to learn the underpinnings of what makes up a distribution.

After considering both Gentoo and Arch, I settled on Arch with the commitment that I would install and maintain that install for at least a year. I ended up using Arch on my main rig without reinstalling for 2 years.

I tell you what, that was the best thing I ever did; running Arch and referring to the Arch Wiki for guidance and the main webpage for updates (such as config changes or possible breakages etc.) was the greatest way for me to soak everything in and really understand how everything works together.

Eventually though I just wanted to go back to something I know just works. I went to Ubuntu for a couple of years, and eventually landed on Kubuntu once I realised KDE Plasma 5 was well and truly matured. I have no plans to move off Kubuntu any time soon.

So in a way I've almost gone full circle, but the journey has been well worth it.
If I had the time and the resources, I'd probably try out Arch again. I'm really pleased with Manjaro right now, Ubuntu, meh, it's the Steam, Plex whore for now.
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