Beware of NZXT


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Aug 20, 2020
**** NZXT!

I knew their products were garbage, but this is beyond even my worst fears.

I've been reluctantly using a Grid+ V3 fan controller. Reluctantly because it was garbage to begin with, not supporting any reasonably sized fans, only working with low power draw, weak fans. And their software was atrocious, randomly forgetting the custom fan profiles every 2-3 weeks.

But I digress. This POS died today, and it failed like you expect a fan controller to fail /S : All fans stopped.

It almost fried my entire raid array of 8x4TB disks, I only noticed it in the 24th hour before the HDDs reached critical temp, everything was like an oven, SSD at 65C, CPU thermal throttling at idle.

So all I can say is **** NZXT, avoid them if you weren't already doing so.
I've been reluctantly using a Grid+ V3 fan controller.
The only 'decent' one I've found was Corsair's, and near as I can tell that would mean having to use iCue. I bought a different brand of AIO this time out of spite towards iCue.

Problem is I don't think anyone makes a decent one. Shouldn't be hard, and as is obvious by our conversation there's definitely a market for it. Especially if they open up the API so that it can be run by any OS, and if the controller could store its settings similar to how a BIOS works.
NZXT has made plenty of crap, and plenty of actually pretty nice products. I'd put them at average or better, and really they compete pretty strongly on price for features. Kind of like ASRock does in the motherboard space.

Biggest concern here is that software and fan controllers aren't really an established 'lane' for them. I'm glad they're trying, and @MadMummy76 as my condolences for having to deal with one of their failures :(.
A fan controller shouldn't be that complicated. You literally just have to put the pieces together, everything exists already. Now I'm back to using an old analog fan controller and the cpu fan is connected to the MB. The only reason I used the grid because it has a fan off mode, as the HDD fans really don't have to run unless there is large movement of data that lasts longer than half an hour. Guess I have to do it old fashioned, just disconnect the hdd fans when not needed, or maybe I'll splice in an on off switch.
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