Capcom Releasing Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake Next Year?


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May 6, 2019
Rumors of a Resident Evil 3 remake have been swirling since RE2's release in January, but YouTuber Spawn Wave has added some serious fuel to that fire with his latest report. According to his sources, the Nemesis remake is already deep into development, and Capcom could be releasing it as early as next year. There's a possibility that it is being developed by a third party, however.

Capcom did a remake for Resident Evil 2 releasing it at the beginning of this year using the RE Engine and it was very well received now even being part of the Game of the Year conversation for 2019. It looks like Capcom has heard fans who were asking for another remake, this time of Resident Evil 3. The exciting part is the target release for this game is sooner than you might think.
I could get excited for this. I liked the original re make.
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