Case with buttons on front or side


Slightly less n00b
Jul 6, 2019
I'm looking for recommendations on mid-towers that have buttons on either the front or the side. My current case has the power/reset buttons on the top of the case. My cat loves to hop up and sit on top of my tower, and unfortunately, sometimes hits the power button with her paw. I'd love to avoid this in the future.
After seeing someone from here post this case, I decided to get one and I love mine. It's got a ****ton of airflow..

It's a honker of a case but it has what you need for button access (front instead of top).

You could also just disable the power button from the OS and call it a day too :)
I built a system for a client in this case once:
I had a pleasant experience working in that case. Although be warned, if you have a graphics card with power connectors on the top edge of the card, the clearance between the case's side panel and those connectors with cables plugged in will be a little tight.
Odd that you mention this. I though "surely I have a couple that had side buttons" - but looking all my newer ones are on top too. Haven't had a cat problem on mine though -- yet.
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