Corsair K55 wired LED RGB keyboard (renewed) $20 @ bestbuy


FPS Junkie
Aug 15, 2019
Saw this deal today. I own this keyboard. It's pretty decent membrane style keyboard with good LED RGB effects. For $20 if you like pretty lights but don't want to drop top dollar on gaming mechanical keyboard, this is a good fit. I have tried $100+ gaming mechanicals, and $20 cheapo RGB LED chinesium ones from Amz... this one fits right in the middle at it's regular price of $50. So for $20, this is a great kids/backup keyboard if nothing else. The reviews say these are like new in the box.

$6.49 shipping kinda blows if you only want one, but still, for under $30 I totally recommend.

If you have other Corsair RGB gear, this fits right in and same icue software. You don't have to use software if you don't want, it has keyboard shortcuts for colors and patterns.

For whatever it's worth... I'm flipping back and forth on ordering 2 more for spares.

If I have to gripe... I don't use the G# macro keys on the left and wish they weren't there. That's about the extent of it.
I have used this keyboard as well up until recently as I decided to try wireless. The keyboard never had any issues and was great to type on.
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