DeepCool CK560 White Case Review


FPS Junkie
Sep 5, 2020
Introduction Today we’re taking a look at DeepCool’s CK560 in white. Coming in at an MSRP of US$109, the CK560 comes in at a slight premium for a standard ATX mid-tower, while shipping with four fans – three RGB 120mm fans up front and one non-RGB 140mm fan in the rear – along with a […]

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Nice review. Not a bad looking case overall that actually ships with a decent amount of decent fans.
Indeed, a nice case and a thorough review. Now that I've had the Carbide I'm definitely keeping an eye out for another case for the build I'm planning for this summer. This would be too small but it is still a nice case. You did a review a couple of months back on one (I have to look it up) that allowed 2x 360mm radiators on the top and I'm keen on that one but by the time I'm ready to build I still might pick something else. I'm targeting 13900K/7800X3D territory and kind of want to use a 420mm for them but then will likely be putting some kind of 360mm GPU AIO type of thing with it.
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