FPS drops when 8 vs 8 players

Mar 2, 2023
Hello, I play an old game called Quake Live. When I'm playing the 5 vs 5 arena mode, my FPS stays stable at 250 (which is the game's limit). But when more players join and it becomes 8 vs 8, my FPS starts dropping to 240 and this bothers me because my mouse movements become sluggish.

My ping is around a constant 70. The ping doesn't change with more players.

I upgraded my memory thinking that was the problem, but it didn't help.

Could the problem be with my graphics card?

If I replace the graphics card, will this problem go away?

Pc specs:
Core i9 12900k
DDR5 4600HZ
GTX 1070
I take it this is with bots? When observing the load where is being stressed? Are you s bot?
For first steps give us some additional details.
OS and is it fully patched?
Driver versions for video card. (Or are they just kept most current.)
OS disk and if different game drive as well.
Connection type/speed. (Since you're going over VPN what is it throttled to?)

Once we know that we can try and give some performance monitoring advice and potential tuning/fixes. You're clearly well invested into your CPU and Ram. Riding an older GPU. Curious what the rest looks like.

Oh and what resolution do you play at/refresh rate/monitor type. If your game is set not to go below X FPS to stay within Gsync/Freesync range we would need to know that as well.

Lots of variables just hitting the ones off the top of my head here.
OS windows 11 fully patched.
GPU drivers is most current.
Game istalled in same local of OS.
Connection type is fiber. VPN im use MUDFISH VPN.

Game resolution is 800x600, desktop resolutions is 1920x1080.
Monitor 240hz
In game im set 240hz.
Gsync and Freesync off.
In game im set 250 fps. limit is 250 fps.
So in widows 11 I would start with performance monitor. Start it up and launch your fame if you can leave it running on another viewable screen that would be ideal. Then run and see if you can spot a bottleneck.

Only thing that occurs to me is the 12th gen Intel cpus use big/little cores. Or normal and efficiency cores if you would. I wonder if the game is grabbing additional threads for dedicated processing and starting to use the efficiency cores not aware of how to properly only call regular cores.

Just s thought.
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