James Cameron Shows Off Avatar-Inspired Mercedes-Benz Concept Car at CES 2020


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May 6, 2019
What does Avatar have to do with Mercedes-Benz? Nothing, perhaps, but that hasn't stopped Terminator, Aliens, and Titanic director James Cameron from collaborating with the luxury automaker on a new concept.

The duo showed off a futuristic vehicle called the Vision AVTR (Advanced Vehicle Transformation) during CES 2020, which was inspired by the highly successful Avatar franchise.

Futuristic may actually be an understatement. The car, which was designed with an "inside-out" structure, flaunts a super-slick body with giant wheels reminiscent of Pandora's glowing plant life. Outside are 33 "bionic flaps," which are supposed to mimic the scales of reptiles.

It gets even crazier inside. The interior has a giant t-shaped touchscreen that projects a view of the outside, as well as biometric sensors that can detect a driver's pulse and breathing.

The Vision AVTR can even "crab-walk side to side, thanks to front and rear axles that can turn sideways up to 30 degrees."
I wonder where they got the unobtanium to build this... (Still the laziest name ever for a precious mineral)
I'm just imagining the look on someones face when you change lanes without adjusting the angle of your car at all. "WTF was that!?" And if you can let the computer drive for you most of the time then you could nap while on the way to work. (Still the dream! Heck if I could sleep while going to work I wouldn't give two ****s about a long commute.)
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