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Nov 9, 2019
See sig for system specs.

Best I can run my ram is 5200. Trying at 6000+ will result in a failed boot that goes to defaults and 58/5600 will lock the system resulting in needing a cmos reset.

The ram is rated for 6400. Even at 2 sticks it will not exceed 5200 and even at 1 it wont do 6400.

Could be a silicone lottery thing and whenever the 9000 series comes out I get a better memory controller.

Running bios 1813 (11.1.23)

With ddr4 I could play with voltage and on my Ryzen 1800x needed to up it a few .1's to get the ram working at full speed. With the voltage being regulated on dimm with ddr5 I want to be a bit captious.

Would increasing the timings help (how and what to use?)

Not horrible - get some nice benchmarks as is, just hoping to run everything as purchased.

YES I know these particular dimms are not on the officially tested list.

Thank you all for any input or help.

Okay, basic memory troubleshooting:

Set to JEDEC, i.e. 4800 C40

BACK UP YOUR BOOT DRIVE - memory instability will corrupt your operating system.

Set voltage to whatever XMP etc. you have

Increase speed bins one step at a time - so 4800 -> 5200 -> 5400 etc.

First test is if the system will post at all. Second is if it will boot Windows without a BSOD.

Next, use Benchmate to easily open and run Cinebench 23. If this passes, then you have a modicum of stability. Next do y-cruncher 2.5b - this is an intense test, and if it passes, then you're clear to go try other stuff related to your daily work. With Benchmate you can save results in the app itself, this can help if you want a record of tests, and can verify whether you're getting a performance boost from a particular configuration.

Test up to 6200. 6200 is a 50/50, at best, but that will let you know where you're at.

Now, for Ryzen 7000, the stable sweetspot is 6000MT/s at C30. This is also what AMD recommends, and required reviewers to use during release coverage. 6200MT/s is rare, and further is nearly impossible without getting into weird configurations.

Now, I typed all this above and then see that you're trying to run 192GB. Honestly 5200MT/s is probably pretty good for that capacity with current DDR5 maturity, on any current board and CPU combination, AMD or Intel. If you want to see what your system can do, back down to 96GB (two DIMMs), though even 6000MT/s may be a challenge there.
I always appreciated time and effort to help me out, so Thank You.

Unfortunately what has been suggested are things I have already done/tried.

I have the feeling that DDR5 is a whole new animal with its own quirks and tricks.

Strangely both DOCP profiles do seem to be identical.
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