MSI Optic MAG274qrf monitor


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Jun 11, 2019
So I found this new for a good price. Selling point, 165 refresh and Freesync/G Sync compatible.

I updated drivers for the monitor, am running most recent drivers for 1080ti, and nowhere is to be found G Sync.
Googling now for answers.

By the way, seems like a decent monitor. Crap speakers though, and you need a level to make it square with the world.

Any ideas on the G Sync front?
Close thread, I'm going to the bar.

I was trying to do that a little while ago.........Under almost 4' of snow and now I have the truck high-centered in the middle of the driveway!

****, should have gone and got beer 3 days ago!!!!!!!! :oops:
First off, let me state, I'm old, I don't wear my glasses like I should AND black russians are involved.... With that being said, don't use HDMI, use the Display Port. G Sync option then becomes clear.

Close thread, I'm going to the bar.
Nvidia didn't add Freesync support over HDMI until the 2000-series (and 1600-series), which is what you're running into. Have 1080Ti, 1660Ti, and a Freesync-over-HDMI-only monitor, and the 1660Ti can enable 'G-Sync' while the 1080Ti cannot, just to confirm what's been released about these.
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