Next Level Racing Announces F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari EditionRacing Cockpit


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May 28, 2019
Next Level Racing has collaborated with Ferrari to create the F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition racing cockpit. Although paying up to $1,748 (assuming you can't find it on sale) for the kit ($1299) with the seat ($449) may sound like a lot it ends up being a pittance compared to that of the actual car so spouses might be able to use that as leverage in the argument for purchasing it. The luxury racing-sim hardware is meticulously crafted to ensure the most authentic experience with the highest-grade materials.

The racing cockpit does not include any electronics so it's up to the user to add them. It is compatible with Next Level Racing's motion ecosystem for added realism and immersion. The manufacturer states that there may be DIY kits for modding it for flight sims but it does not recommend it. The base model (no seat or accessories) is currently available from the manufacturer on Amazon for $1,033 and there's also a $50 off coupon.

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One of the reasons I don't use my Logitech G27 anywhere near as much as I'd like is cuz I don't have a proper setup for it. I always wanted one of these seat-type things, but they usually cost somewhere around $400+. I saw the price of this one... but daaaaaang if this sh1t isn't awesome.
I have a next level seat, but I don't use it, I can't leave it out because it gets in the way, but it is too cumbersome to put together when I want to play. I should sell it along with the wheel.
Yes I'm considering ditching the wheel as well. Even If I had a spot for a chair and mount of have to have a kvm setup to run the game inputs even that would be a pita.
I bought it expecting to play the tits off of GT7, little did I know that the game would be DOA and I'd stop playing it in 1 month completely.

I don't think you need a KVM though, you can just have a wireless keyboard attached all the time.
The money to get it all up and running would hurt a bit but for me, the real problem would be the space. I'd basically need a separate room for this which we don't have.

Beyond that, I've liked what I've seen with the recent Forza Horizon videos and I could see myself putting in time playing it on something like this. Get all the motion/haptic going and that could be a wild ride. Unfortunately, I'm just not into racing games like I used to be so I doubt how much time I'd actually end up putting into it.
I've been praying for the past 5 years for Test Drive Solar Crown to be good, maybe when and if that comes out I put together my setup. That said the game was supposed to come out 2022 September, delayed to 2023 September, but we are still yet to see any gameplay, they haven't even released a single screenshot yet, which does not give me confidence.
I haven't played a Test Drive game since Test Drive III but I used to love them though. I read something about Solar Crown, totally randomly, about a month ago but I don't remember what they said but I think it was similar to what @MadMummy76 said in terms of lack of progress updates.
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