Street Fighter 6 Demo Is Now Available for PS5/PS4, Coming to PC and Xbox on April 26, and Avatars Can Be Transferred to the Full Version


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May 28, 2019
Capcom has released a Street Fighter 6 demo where players can try out the World Tour and select Fighting Ground modes. The Street Fighter 6 demo is currently available for PlayStation 5 and 4 consoles with versions for PC and Xbox Series X|S coming on April 26. Players will also be able to transfer avatars from the demo over to the full version of the game which releases on June 2.

The included Fighting Ground modes are One on One, Extreme Battle (Down & Out and Bull Run), the tutorial, along with character guides. Playable characters include Luke and Ryu and the playable stages are Genbu Temple and the training room. The demo includes commentary from Aru and Vicious. Capcom has said that in order to transfer Avatars created in the World Tour demo do not delete your saved data as it will be required for the transfer process. Since it is already stated that the demo does not offer any online features this would appear to include no cloud saves either hence the importance of retaining said game save data.

Capcom has also provided PC system requirements and notes that the game is still in development and that players may experience framerate drops during graphic-intensive scenes. It also says that system requirements are subject to change by the final release.

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Looks more like WWE than street fighter to me, with awful graphics, 2 steps back from SFV.
When's the next DOA beach volleyball come out again? is that going to be a console exclusive?
I have V and MK10 (I think?), and between the two, Street Fighter just seemed to have awful controls. Difficult to intuitively pick up and play etc.

I'll see how it plays when the demo hits...
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