Stupid computer tricks

I got one. Helped a friend build a new computer last night. Top of range 5950 with an rtx 3090 (I know). Little jelly but he slaps a 980 pro non jet sink 1tb in it. No big. Build it and no video. Troubleshoot a while and decide to try his b550 board. Rip it all out and build it on that. Again... no video. Troubleshoot and research. We're hours and hours in. My wife Google and stumbles on. Hey is that hdmi cable going to the Samsung TV old.... mother trucker!! So thst was it out gos the old back in with the new. Some software issues because the rog board he has does NOT have Intel Bluetooth and wireless (in spite of claims online to the contrary.) But when we left some 8 hours later he was all good and getting his steam client logged in.

So yea.. stupid computer tricks.

At least I saved him from air cooling that monster and going with an AIO. Oh and putting it all behind an ups.
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