The Force Engine 1.0 Released with Full Support for Star Wars: Dark Forces, Enabling 4K, Widescreen Resolutions, and More


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May 6, 2019
Star Wars: Dark Forces has been remastered courtesy of The Force Engine, a reverse- engineered and rebuilt version of LucasArts' Jedi game engine for modern systems from developers luciusDXL, winterheart, and gilmorem560, who released the 1.0 build of it today following three years of work, allowing fans of the 1995 classic to replay the game with various improvements, including higher resolutions, widescreen support, modern control schemes, greater performance, and more.

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I don't think I even have a copy of the game anymore. But that's just as well. It is very much a product of its time, it is half doom half platformer, with a hint of star wars flavor. It is really not up to current standards of what a star wars adventure game should be.
Just watching that trailer video gave me a headache..... guh the engines were so janky back then.

Doom with Stormtroopers with horrible graphics, but it sounded like Star Wars if you had a soundblaster. 94-95? It made Duke Nukem look like a hi resolution technical masterpiece.

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