The Super Mario Bros. Movie Gets an Official Teaser Trailer, Revealing Chris Pratt’s Voice for Iconic Nintendo Character


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May 6, 2019
Nintendo has released the first teaser trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, an animated feature starring one of the most popular video game mascots of all time.

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Jul 3, 2019
Actually saw this movie again earlier this year. I was at my friends' house doing laundry cuz my washer machine was dead at the time. They threw this movie on. I was like "wwwhhhyyyyyyyyyyy" but they love watching it cuz of how f*cking stupid it is. I have to admit, going back to it now after all these years, yeah it's actually a great movie to laugh at. Just an absolutely stupid-as-f*ck movie that is good for chuckles. And ironically a far more entertaining movie than the Sonic movies, which are utter pieces of trash. As a child this movie f*cking scarred me though. Still, the best video-game-based movie to laugh at while watching is the Street Fighter movie. The Mortal Kombat movie (the first one) is still entertaining too.

As for this Mario CG movie, well I hate to say it, but it definitely looks better than the Sonic movies. Bowser's voice sounds off and Mario's voice is absolutely f*cking terrible, but I knew Chris Pratt wasn't gonna be able to pull that off anyways. Ever since Super Mario 64 Nintendo has already had the perfect voice for Mario via Charles Martinet. Why they didn't get him to voice CG movie Mario is beyond me. Definitely a big mistake on their part. Also Mario and Luigi's heads look kinda weird to me. Toad's voice on the other hand is a major improvement over every game he has ever been voiced in. Bowser's minions seem fine.

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