What is your favorite Video Player in Windows?


May 11, 2019
If you don't use the stock windows media player in windows what do you use?

MPC, Zoom, VLC, etc...?

I personally like MPC.
In the early 2000's I was constanlty having to fiddle with codecs and filters and players. Used to drive me crazy. MPC brought that to an end for Windows. I've tried VLC and know its the most popular but still love MPC.

If you start a thread for audio, I use FooBar2000 for all my hi-res stuff.
I have VLC installed mostly just to check as I do rips... but I haven't actually watched anything that isn't in a web browser for a long time now. Plex web client, or Plex app on devices for the most part.
Yes MPC most of the time but i have to use MPV when watching HDR movies cause mpc looks all washed out since i dont have a 10 bit hdr display. But yea any other time mpc-hc is my go to player. Id be thrilled if they would update mpc so i could use it while watching HDR videos. (course when i get a new display it wont matter)
Years ago I used to use the version of MPC that came with CCCP, now I use the version that comes with K-Lite Codec Pack. VLC is my backup/compat-testing player.
My favorite one is VLC player

Same here. Still a great video player!

And free. LOL

And, it's a shame that MPC has pretty much stopped. No new releases since 2017 as there has been no dev teams to keep it going. ☹
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I can't think of the last time I watched a video on my PC that wasn't streamed through my browser in some manner.

but then again, I don't exactly watch video on my PC, apart from the occasional youtube video when I can't get away from it, or just a few moments to check to see if I have the right version of an encode
Realplayer, duh.

Mostly VLC or Plex in this house depending on format.
Well I have Plex installed on my HTPC.

My desktops, I hardly ever have video files I need to play directly on the machine. Any videos I watch are usually on youtube and I use Chrome.

If I have to watch a video then whatever comes preinstalled on Windows 10.

In the past, I used to use WinAMP and VLC for music/videos.
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