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  1. Report: Apple TV+ Had Less than 20 Million Subscribers in the US and Canada in July

    It hasn't had anything worth a **** until recently. I admit I'm very interested in Foundation and Finch. I'd probably check out Ted Lasso if I had it just to see what that's about, but not expecting much and certainly wouldn't sub just for that. The biggest problem with the Apple "free" trials...
  2. Intel’s Arc “Alchemist” Graphics Cards Will Have a Very Simple Naming Scheme

    With all the code names that have been bantered about I think it’s anything but simple
  3. 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900K Crushes AMD Ryzen 9 5950X in Another Single-Core Benchmark, Faster by 27 Percent

    I hope it ends up planning out true - about time Intel moved past Skylake, and it would be exciting to see another couple of back-and-forth generations between Intel and AMD
  4. Hitman Is Being Review-Bombed on GOG for Having Online DRM

    I'm ok with people reviewing a game that they have actually played and paid for in any manner they see fit - including review bombing if they want to. It's the folks that have never played the game that drop a review anyway that dilutes the value.
  5. Report: Apple TV+ Had Less than 20 Million Subscribers in the US and Canada in July

    I don't know that Apple needs as many subscribers as say, Netflix, who's entire revenue depends on streaming. Apple has the Ecosystem, and TV+ is just one small part of that ecosystem. How much of an influence TV+ has on things like AppleTV sales and Apple One services bundles I don't know, but...
  6. Crystal Dynamics Joins Microsoft’s Xbox-Exclusive Perfect Dark Project

    The end game was non-existent, but up until that point I kinda liked Avengers, and I'm looking forward to GoG. Kinda the same way I felt about Anthem
  7. EU Proposes Mandatory USB-C for All Electronic Devices, including Apple iPhones

    The only thing stopping them is Zarathustra :) And Courage. And a law telling them they must have a USB C port.
  8. EU Proposes Mandatory USB-C for All Electronic Devices, including Apple iPhones

    Same plug, but not the same cable standards or necessarily wiring. If you went and ran your house with CAT3 back with 10Mb was the standard, you'd not be running 10Gb today on that same wire, even though the plug and receptacles would still provide some minimum level of compliance and...
  9. AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su Appointed to Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) by POTUS

    I think it takes all kinds. You can't just be narrowly focused and make it as a publicly traded company. You can have a CEO that is from a financial background lead a technical company just fine - so long as they have a strong CTO and others to back them up. Vice versa - you can have a strong...
  10. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water PC Requirements Revealed

    First I had heard of it
  11. Marvel Suing to Keep Rights of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, and Other Avengers Characters from Going to Heirs

    There's two sides to every story. On one hand, those guys (or there estates after death) all signed a contract to turn over rights. They agreed to a payout, and took it. Whatever happened after that fact was the result of Disney's investment, and Disney is entitled to a return on that...
  12. China Declares All Cryptocurrency-Related Activities Illegal

    How many Latin American countries does it take making Bitcoin their de facto national standard to make up for the fact that China won't allow it's use at all? I think the correct answer is "There aren't enough Latin American countries to make that up"
  13. It has begun

    $90 w/ the game $75 w/o **game is not pre-installed, it’s just a online code.
  14. It has begun

    SSD w/ BF 2042 WD_BLACK 500GB SN750 SE NVMe SSD with Battlefield 2042 Game Code Bundle - Gen4 PCle, Internal Gaming SSD Solid State Drive, M.2 2280, Up to 3,600 MB/s - WDBB9J5000ANC-NRSN
  15. EU Proposes Mandatory USB-C for All Electronic Devices, including Apple iPhones

    I'm wondering if they don't just include some kludgey USB-C to Lightning adapter, or make a special "European Only" option that costs 10% more. Also, what happens to this law once we are past USB-C for whatever reason? The problem with laws like this: they have to be specific enough to be...
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