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I7 4930k@4.3GHz w/ Hyper 212 | HAF 932(many added fans w/ NZXT controller)| GIGABYTE X79 UD3 | 32GB G. Skill DDR3 2133MHz (4x8GB) | Asus Strix OG RTX 2080 Ti | Sandisk SSD 2TB (games) SATA III | Intel SSD 520 120GB(W10 Pro 64bit) SATA III| 9TB of Miscellaneous Hard Drives | Corsair 80+ 1200w | Sony 65" Z9D

3700x w/ Wraith Prism/ HAF X(slightly modded) | MSI X570 MPG Edge WiFi | 32GB Corsiar DDR4 3600MHz (2x16GB) | EVGA XC 2080 Super| Toshiba OCZ SSD 1TB (games) SATA III | Sandisk SSD 120GB(W10 Pro 64bit) SATA III| 2x Samsung 850 pro 512GB(misc) SATA III | Sabrent m.2(PCIe 4.0)1 TB(games) | Corsair 80+ 1000w Platinum | ASUS P278Q | LG C9 65"


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